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Meet Author Kathy L. Salt

Good afternoon friends and welcome. I want to thank Jennifer Lynn and all of you who visited the site last week. For those of you who missed her guest blog, you can read it here.

Today we are chatting with international author Kathy L. Salt, whose debut book, ‘Out of Hand’, is now available. Kathy is with Triplicity Publishing and is a rising star. Come see why and feel free to ask her question in the comments.
“Writers aren’t people exactly. Or, if they’re any good, they’re a whole lot of people trying so hard to be one person.”
– F. Scott. Fitzgerald.

Tell us about yourself?
I’m a twenty-eight-year-old teacher and author living in Sweden with my wife and our two dogs. The most important thing to know about me is that I teach young children, which means I might over-explain things to you in a slow voice, cut your food for you and ask if you’ve been to the restroom if you complain that your stomach hurts.

What is your book 'Out of Hand' about?
It’s about a kidnapping. It sprung from the wish to write a story about the kidnapping of a woman so bitchy the kidnappers couldn’t take it anymore. It became a story about Leo who does kidnap Mimi but very reluctantly so and Mimi’s demanding nature only makes Leo like her. In the end, the lines blur between them. The interesting thing about the book is that they make a journey from Britain, through France, and into Germany and I’m proud of the way I have described the different places.
What traits do you look for in your protagonists?

The number one thing I don’t want them to be is perfect, but I struggle with making anyone downright cruel. I need to still be able to like them and understand why they’re acting like they do. I also love giving them a rich backstory whether I put it in the book or not.
How have your two dogs been a positive influence?
I believe in responsibility and that it’s healthy. We got our first dog when we were twenty-two and the change in me from just being a student to a dog-owner and having to take care of something other than myself was very positive. It also made me less lonely when my wife (then girlfriend) was away during the day.
Let's talk about your blog. What things do you like to write about?
I struggle a lot with my blog and am very bad at updating it regularly. When I created it, it was a place to share my short stories and sometimes ramble on about writing or, occasionally, family history. Nowadays I don’t have the energy for short stories and sadly I don’t have that much to say about writing either – I just want to do the writing. The only thing I have things to say about now is teaching and that feels wrong since it’s not a teacher blog. I need to come up with a plan to keep my blog alive. Maybe I will do a theme, like motivation-Mondays or write blog posts in an alphabetical order (first month I write about something on a word or thing starting with A, next month something on B etc…).

Me:  Be sure to check out Kathy’s blog and sign up. You are going to love her themes.
I see you write down goals for the year. Why do you set them and what role do they play in your everyday life? 

I love having a goal in every aspect of my life, I am a teacher after all. If I didn’t have a goal, I wouldn’t know where I was going. My goals, however, are pretty much always the same, every year I want to finish the book I’m writing, start a new one, publish an old one. I can’t be more ambitious than that while I work full-time.

You have also created short stories which you share on your WordPress blog page. How is writing short stories different from writing a full-length novel?

They’re very different, from start to finish. My short-stories are rawer, more stream-of-consciousness, less agonizing over every word. They’re also less planned. When I write a full-length novel I plan every bit, sometimes I don’t follow the plan fully or change it as I continue, but short stories are not planned at all. I know what I want to write and sometimes I put down some sentences at the end of the document I’m working on but that’s it. Full-length novels get a whole folder with lots of documents of planning.

What was the last book you read and what would you like to say about the author?
The book I’ve almost finished now is ‘Close Enough to Touch’ by Cade Brogan. It’s the first of hers I’ve read but after reading this, I want to read more!

Do you keep a journal? If so how has it helped you?
I do and have for most of my life. The newest one, however, is mostly for regular journaling but some pages are more bullet-journal like. My pages aren’t neat and pretty like you see online, but it’s good enough for me. I like record-keeping, like how much I’m writing or exercising, books that I’m reading etc. I should, however, be doing some journaling every day, I’ve noticed in the past that it helps sort out my thoughts and feelings and helps with stress.  

What is it like living in Sweden?

I love living here. I’ve lived in a couple of places on-off since I was a child. United Arab Emirates. Britain. To me, Sweden is the best, but I’m probably biased being half-Swedish. People tend to be really trusting and that’s nice. I really like the climate too and that we don’t have that many animals or critters that can kill you. Both the wife and I really enjoy the changing of the seasons going from quite cold to fairly warm. We live rather south now but we used to live in the north a few years ago and we’d get minus 30 degrees Celsius, that was kind of cool. 

Describe a typical day for yourself.

I wake up at 5.30, prepare breakfast and lunchboxes for myself and the wife. I put hers in the hallway because she’s forgotten to go into the kitchen in the past. I’m a morning person and I love having a nice, calm breakfast, lighting some candles, putting on some calm music, drinking something warm etc. But when you’re waking up before six it’s a bit too early even for me. I leave around six, arrive around seven since I work at a small public school outside the city. The working day is usually lost in a haze of parental emails, meetings not to mention actually teaching. I have an adorable class of 25 seven-year-olds. They’re quite well-behaved now but if anyone is interested to see how it was just last semester, they can check out my blog post “Adventures in Teaching First Graders.” My job is stressful and wonderful and crazy, and I somehow love it and hate it at the same time. Sometimes I wish I could leave for any other job, but it’s the only thing I can and want to do.

After work I sometimes go swimming, sometimes go to my parents for a cup of tea, sometimes head straight home. I pick up the dogs from dog daycare (wife leaves them in the morning) do a load of laundry, start dinner. Wife arrives, we eat and talk about our days. When all that is done, I could do some writing, but my brain is usually too tired, so I read or play video games or watch something. (My creative writing waits until weekends or holidays, like this one, both kids and I have the coming week off – plenty of time for writing!) We go to bed at nine or ten, sometimes eight. After all, my alarm rings at 5.30 the next day again.

What video games do you enjoy playing?
I haven’t played Tomb Raider myself, but my wife has played all of them and I watched her. I love Bioware games like Dragon Age or Mass Effect. I also loved Horizon Zero Dawn. I want to play Witcher 3 but am waiting for my wife to play through it first (after all, that game is hers.) I enjoyed Telltale games like The Walking Dead Game. I like games with a story and I like RPGs where I can play as a female character.
My heart, however, will always belong to the Dragon Age series, in fact, I have a play-through of Dragon Age Inquisition going on right now. Dragon Age is also the reason why I try to hide a nightingale in all my stories, it’s a homage to my favorite character ever, who happens to be from a video game.

What is a favorite dish that you like to prepare for your wife?
My wife’s favorite dish is a traditional Swedish one, mash, meatballs, and lingonberry. It’s an easy dish to prepare for me too since I can just swap the meatballs for vegetarian meatballs and we both get something we enjoy since she eats meat and I don’t. She loves potato in all forms so most of what I cook for her will have it.

As a teacher, how does your interaction with students make a difference in your community?
I have put my heart into my job. Instead of choosing private schools to work at, I have stayed in public schools because the kids who need the most help won’t always be at private schools. I have chosen to take over rather difficult classes (not the one I have now though, to be fair I needed the rest) where I’ve had students, mainly boys, who have acted out in different ways or come from backgrounds where there are drugs and/or violent parents. I have also been actively involved in my school’s conflict-solving group where we helped children who are stuck in bad behavior or have been harassed in some way. I’ve also been involved in two cases where we’ve had to contact social services.

What other countries would you be interested in visiting?
Hmm. I had to think about this one for a while. I want to go to Iceland because they have a working temple to Odin there and I want to see it. I want to go to Brazil because my wife was born there, and we still haven’t gone there together. But no, where I want to go the most is Kiruna, the north part of Sweden where my dad was born. Mainly to just walk around in nature and see what grows there.


What is next for you?

What’s very next for me is a week off from work which I desperately need. When it comes to writing I just sent Stargazing, a lesbian romance, off to my publisher and while waiting for an editor to contact me I’ll be working on my newest, still-unnamed, novel which is about a professor and a student who falls for each other. It’s set in Aberdeen, at a university I once attended so it’s pretty fun to write.
Be sure to check out Kathy’s links for new and exciting news.

Before we go, I have included an excerpt from this fine story. Enjoy.

   Leo had never been a planner. Which was an odd thing, considering that in her line of work, even the tiniest mistake could be the end of the operation. Most smugglers probably had a brilliant masterplan for each job. And a plan B in case something went wrong. And a plan C just to be sure. But Leo never did. Making so many plans she could lose herself in them, wasn’t her thing. She didn’t plan. She reacted. Leo didn’t need a plan, she had her instincts. Her talent for improvisation had saved her more than once.
   But kidnapping an adult person required a different kind of praxis. To kidnap someone you needed a plan. Leo should have known all of that and still had headed to Mimi’s place without one. All she had known was that she would go to Mimi’s place, find her very hungover and in bed, and then… well, she would have decided when she got there.  
   What she hadn’t anticipated was an obvious workaholic heading to work while hardly able to walk. Idiot. But so very, very good for Leo. It had been too easy. She couldn’t believe that she was actually out of London with her ‘package’.
   Mimi had been completely quiet during the whole ride so far and when Leo stole a glance at her, she could see that she was very pale. Her complexion had taken on a green tone. She better not throw up.
 “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Mimi hissed when their gazes met. “Are you some big creepy kidnapper?”  
   Her voice had a hard edge to it, as if she was more pissed off than scared, and against her better judgment, Leo was impressed. She didn’t answer and turned her gaze back to the wheel. She guessed she should have been more concerned over what to do next but she kept cruising along the road, not even breaching the speed limit. It was better to act normal than call the attention of the police.
  She had to stop somewhere of course. Call Sandra. Hal too. And book tickets for the ferry from Dover to Calais. Hmm. I need to figure out the ferry situation. Leo stole another glance at her little prisoner.
  “I need to throw up.” Mimi sucked in air through her mouth but instead of puffy cheeks, Mimi looked determined. Leo wasn’t a fool. She just wants you to stop the car so she can try to get away.
  “Use some of the fabrics in the back.” It was a test and from Mimi’s stunned silence, Leo knew that she had won.
  “That’s my livelihood, you know,” Mimi said. “Those fabrics weren’t cheap.”
  The need to throw up seemed forgotten and Leo ignored her.
  “Are you stupid?” Venom dropped from every word that came out of Mimi’s mouth when she continued to talk. “Were you dropped on your head as a child? I demand you stop the car and let me go right now.”
  “That’s not happening.”
  Leo didn’t care about Mimi, she could say anything, do anything, it wouldn’t stop Leo from doing what had to be done. After all, Sandra was counting on her.

I want to thank Kathy for stopping by to talk with us. It was a real pleasure!
Stay tuned … coming soon a major announcement!

Until next time,


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Erin Wade's 'Death was too Easy'

Good afternoon readers and friends and welcome. I want to thank author Jenny Frame for stopping by last week. Also thanks to all of you for your support.

Today, I have a special treat for you. A few months ago, I interviewed author Erin Wade and for those of you who missed it, you can click on the link below. Recently, I read her book, 'Death Was Too Easy', and today I'm reviewing it. I invite you to join in and participate in the comments.

 Erin Wade's Interview
This story is brilliantly written. The main characters are Judith and Mandy and Angie. Along with them are Jordan and Rick, who play key roles.

Judith is a judge who is lonely.  She is a conservative who wants to restore justice.  However, she has a soft hidden side to her that she wishes to express. And it is no coincidence when Mandy enters her life that her maternal instincts emerge. But there is a price.

Angie is a teen who escaped an abusive relationship. I found her to be a great character because she is sweet and would never hurt anyone. You will find out more about her as you read along. 

Like Judith, Mandy wants nothing more than to restore justice for the community. She is a lawyer who has dedicated herself to a life of service. She carries herself well and is respected. She is my definition of being 'sharp.' She fits her role perfectly.

Judith and Mandy experience love and romance in a sweet and passionate way. Mandy meets up with Jordan and the flirting begins. I love stories that have this aspect to them. The sensual scenes are described in such a way, that you can visualize without them being too graphic.

Mandy is charmed when a second interest, Rick comes into play. He is very persistent with a magnetic personality. He is smooth talking and did add good drama to the story.

In the midst of this is a mystery case, involving both Judith and Mandy. A twist pops up that will blow you away, so you're going to need to pay attention. I was locked in as the story moved along. The plot kept me wondering throughout. 

Some scenes described were graphic and shocking.  There is abusive action and I had to put the book down to catch my breath. Then another surprise to this deep story emerges, creating more spectacle. You are going to want to set aside about six hours to read this because you are not going to want to put it down once you start. Be prepared for the unexpected ending. Whew!

I have included an excerpt to get you started. Enjoy.

Jordon drove to her office. She knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep. Thoughts of Mandy Kincaid were racing through her mind. She tried to ignore the scenes that continuously played behind her closed eyelids.

Mandy Kincaid wasn’t just beautiful; she was excruciatingly gorgeous. The feelings she stirred in Jordon were achingly painful. Her beauty fueled the fantasies of men and women.

Jordon changed into shorts and a light t-shirt. Five miles on the treadmill should send her into an exhausted sleep. She searched for the reason she had kissed Mandy. She was certain the attorney was straight. The shocked look on Mandy’s face haunted her. The last thing Jordon needed was to become involved with the prudish blonde, but it was the thing she most wanted. She thought about a line written by poet Sylvia Plath; I desire the things which will destroy me in the end. Plath committed suicide at age thirty.

Jordon was certain an entanglement with Mandy Kincaid would destroy them both.

Thank you for stopping by. Like I mentioned above, I'm encouraging book discussion in the comments. Stay tuned for next week when I will be speaking with author Kathy L. Salt. Her new book, 'Out of Hand' is now available.

Until next time,


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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Meet Author Jenny Frame

Hello everyone and welcome. Thank you for coming by last week for my whale watching adventure. As promised, today I am presenting my interview with author Jenny Frame.  I am currently reading her book, 'Unexpected,' so stay tuned for my review in the upcoming weeks. Today Jenny will be sharing her life. Come meet this fabulous storyteller.


     Tell us about yourself.
I am from a little town just outside Glasgow, in Scotland called Motherwell. I live there with my partner Lou and our crazy standard poodle Barney. Lou and I have been together for 13 years and married for just under a month. We couldn’t be happier.

What inspired you to create 'Unexpected?'
Well, I had often seen the idea, in films, and TV of a mother falling in love with the sperm donor to her child, and I thought what if it was two women? I think the idea of one character carrying the other’s baby is so intriguing in a romantic sense, and it just seemed to work perfectly as a premise.

Where is the most remote place you've created for a character?
My upcoming novel, Huger For you has the characters going from Monte Carlo to Venice, to London, and finally to a castle on the very northern tip of Scotland. I think that’s about as remote as you can get. Just sheep, and trees for miles.

What is your favorite vegetarian dish?
Probably black bean chili. You can do so much with it. Serve it with rice, in burritos, in baked sweet potatoes. Delicious!

Let's talk about your blog and share with the readers what you like to write about.
In my blog, I like to write about what inspired me to write, how I share some characteristics with the characters or wish I did. I also like to talk about the music that I listen to when I write. For every book, there’s always one theme tune that emerges from the book, and I like to share that. Plus some silly cooking stuff, and any book news.

Me: When you go Jenny's Blog, don't forget to sign up for more great reading.

How has mediation improved your life?
I don’t do it as religiously as I used to. Life gets in the way sometimes. But I always know when I’m having one crisis or another, that it’s there waiting for me, and it always does help.

Which Star Wars saga do you like, the three originals or the latter ones and why?
Probably the originals because they remind me of my childhood. I like the new ones too though.

Would you ever want to take a ride on the Hogwarts Express?  Tell us about your journey.
Oh definitely. I would love to take my two nieces on it. They share a love of Harry Potter with me, and we’ve spent countless hours watching the films over and over. I don’t know about my girls, but I think the most exciting bit would be the sweet trolley. The chocolate frogs, and all the other sweeties.

What is your favorite thing about Glasgow?
That my darlin’ Lou comes from there. She’s the best thing to come out of Glasgow.

Who is your favorite UK band? Have you seen them live? If so where?
It would probably be Queen. I was brought up on rock music like that, along with Rolling Stones, they would probably be my favourites. I’ve seen Rolling Stones play in Glasgow. It was amazing.

I think the greatest thing about seeing them live was being there with my Dad. He’d seen them once in Scotland back when the Stones were just starting out, and all these years later it meant a lot to share it with him.

Let's give a shout out to your publisher, Bold Strokes Books. What would you like to say to them?
Bold Strokes Books have been wonderful to me from day one. They took a chance on me and gave me a wonderful editor to work with. Ruth Sternglantz couldn’t be more patient or kind and has helped me develop and become a much better writer. All the staff at BSB have been kind, and it’s a very supportive atmosphere between all the authors and staff. I couldn’t be happier.
Where do you like to go to get out into nature?
I love to look at nature, but I’m sorry to say I’m not an outdoors sort of person. I’m an extreme introvert and prefer to watch nature through my window or through my iPad. One thing I adore is the sound of rain, maybe it’s the pessimist in me that likes it. I have rain apps on my iPhone so I can always have the rain with me.

Besides writing, what are some of your other favorite interests?
Lou and I love watching football. Our every weekend is centred around watching that on TV. 

What's next for you?
Next up is Hunger For You out April 1st, then I continue the paranormal theme with 'Soul Of The Pack,' the second in the Wolfgang series. I finish off the year with the third in Royal Romance series, 'Royal Court.' It’s a busy year!

Me:can't wait until this comes out. Until then, I have an excerpt for you all to enjoy.

Chapter One

Amelia Honey skipped upstairs from the cutting room of Grenville and Thrang bespoke tailors, one of the oldest on London’s Savile Row. Her stomach was doing flips with excitement, as it always did when she spent any precious time with Byron Debrek. Her lover’s international business commitments meant their time together was limited and unpredictable. That was the one and only thing that had troubled Amelia in the six months she had been dating Byron. She wasn’t reliable, and as much as Byron apologized for the cancelled dates and missed phone calls, it was hard when Amelia found herself at home alone on a Friday night, while other couples were spending the weekend together, having fun and binge-watching all the latest TV shows.

When Amelia reached the top of the stairs and saw Byron framed in the doorway by sunlight, holding a single long-stemmed rose in her hand, with the sexiest smile she had ever seen, she let her worries fall away. Life wasn’t perfect and she supposed that was part of Byron’s attraction. She was unpredictable and brought flash and glam into her formerly dull, grey life. None of that mattered now. They were going on holiday together for two weeks, and she would get Byron’s undivided attention. She guessed Byron had suggested a holiday to make up for all the missed dates and appointments.

As she walked towards Byron, Amelia purposefully put an extra roll to her hips and got a thrill when, as always, her lover’s eyes followed them intently. She felt powerful—she, Amelia Honey, a tailor, could keep the attention of the enigmatic, rich, stunningly good looking CEO of the Debrek banking group.
Byron took her hand and kissed it softly. “Miss Honey, you are beautiful as always. This is for you.”

She took the rose from Byron and inhaled its perfume. “Thank you.”
Amelia’s heart hammered in her chest when Byron’s lips touched her hand, and she inhaled the scents of the rose as well as Byron’s aftershave. It was astonishing how much her life had changed since she had measured Byron for a suit for the first time six months ago. Byron had been coming to Grenville and Thrang since before she’d joined the staff. Amelia’s Uncle Jaunty, the Grenville of Grenville and Thrang, had always dealt with Byron privately, and Amelia had admired her from afar for a long time before her uncle had given her the opportunity to take an appointment with Byron. 
The appointment had been nerve-racking, scary, and exciting, all at the same time. They had a powerful chemistry from the very first, so much so that during their second meeting, Byron introduced her to some of the darker pleasures she had only fantasized about, here, on her workbench downstairs.
She had never felt so physically attracted to anyone in her life. When they were near each other, everyone else around them melted away and it took every shred of control Amelia had not to give in to their passion. She felt almost compelled to touch her or be touched. There was much more than passion, though—she was falling in love with Byron, and she hoped this time together could cement their feelings and Byron would give her some kind of commitment.
“Are you ready? Your carriage awaits,” Byron said.
Amelia smiled and lightly traced a fingernail down Byron’sinky blue tie with white polka dots. “I just have to see Uncle Jaunty first, then make sure Daisy has everything she needs, and then I’ll be ready.”
Daisy, her apprentice, was fresh out of fashion school and eager to fill in for Amelia while she was away.
She grasped Byron’s tie softly. “I like this tie by the way.”
“I have to keep you interested, Miss Honey. Why don’t I come with you? Your uncle and I can share a drink while you get ready to leave.”     
As they walked through the shop hand in hand, the staff and the customers averted their eyes. Byron seemed to have the ability to make people nervous or intimidated with just a look. Those looks made Amelia hot, excited, turned on, but never scared or intimidated. Byron had never given her any cause to be fearful—the opposite, in fact, she treated Amelia more like a fine piece of China, and sometimes Amelia really wanted to shake Byron up.
“Weren’t you supposed to phone me last night?” Amelia said as they walked to the back office.
“Ah…yes. I’m sorry. I was in Zurich, and a business meeting ran over. I thought it too late to telephone you after I got back to my hotel suite, but I promise to make up for it.”
Amelia stopped outside her uncle’s office door and looked at Byron carefully. There was a little voice, a little jealous voice that often questioned whether Byron was alone when she went back to her hotel rooms, as she travelled all over the world. As she looked into Byron’s eyes, all she could see was passion and, she hoped, love—but Byron had never said the words.
She raised up on tiptoe and pecked Byron on the lips, deciding to ignore the nagging voice. “I hope so, no more business talk. We’re going on holiday,” Amelia exclaimed.
She knocked on the door and entered to find her uncle working at his computer. He stood and smiled when he saw them.
“Byron, wonderful to see you again so soon.” Jaunty walked around the desk to shake Byron’s hand. Jaunty was tall and impeccably dressed, never seen without a suit, his trademark bow tie, and the ever-present tape measure hanging around his shoulders. 
“Good to see you looking so well, Jaunty. Is Simon well?” Byron said.
Jaunty put his arm around Amelia, and she immediately reciprocated, laying her head on his shoulder.
“Very well, thank you. I hear you are taking our little Amelia to Monaco. I hope you’ll take care of her.” 
“Uncle Jaunty, don’t. You know I can take care of my myself.” Amelia nudged her uncle. She was secretly pleased he was so protective and cared so much. At eighteen, she had run away from her highly conservative and religious parents to stay with her uncle and his partner Simon. 

She had always been forbidden from talking to or asking about her mother’s brother, but she did her research and secretly communicated with him, and eventually ran to London to get away from her suffocating home life—and to pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. It was only natural that after graduating from the London School of Fashion, she came into her uncle’s business.
Byron placed her hand on her heart. “With my life. I promise you, Jaunty.”
Amelia kissed her uncle on the cheek and said, “I need to speak to Daisy and get my things. Why don’t you and Byron chat while I’m gone?”
“Of course, sweetie. Off you go.”
When Amelia went off to get her jacket and freshen up, Jaunty poured them a drink.
“Have you ever done this before, Byron?” Jaunty handed her a glass of whiskey.
“What do you mean? Go on holiday with a woman?” Byron asked.
Jaunty nodded.  Byron crossed her legs and took a sip of whiskey. “No, I’ve never even taken a holiday before, with or without a woman.”
Jaunty sat back behind his desk but seemed tense. “This must be serious for you then?”
“Jaunty, if you have something to say, then say it.”
Jaunty looked entirely uncomfortable talking this way to her, but she admired his strength for doing it.
“Byron, Amelia is like a daughter to me and Simon. She came to us hurt, alone, and with her confidence destroyed by my sister and brother-in-law. We got her through college and gave her a safe place to live.”
“I know that, Jaunty. I know she thinks of you and Simon as her fathers.”
“She’s not one of those streetwise women I’m sure you meet on the European business circuit and at your glamorous parties.”
“You don’t think I’m toying with her, do you? I know sometimes I have to cancel our dates but—” 
“You are my friend, Byron, and your father and I have been friends for years, and I know how difficult this kind of relationship will be for you and Amelia.”
The way Jaunty looked at him and the way he was speaking gave Byron pause to think he knew what she was, what her father was. She leaned forward and put her drink down on the desk.
“What do you mean?” Byron asked.
Jaunty got up and walked to the safe in the corner of the office. He spun the lock and the door opened with a creak. He riffled through some papers and then brought a photograph over to show her.
“This was taken on the first day I bought into the business after Albert Thrang died. Your father loaned me the money to buy the business.”
Byron nodded. “I know—my father said he trusted you implicitly. That’s why I came to you, Jaunty.” Byron had lived her life as a man through the centuries when running an international business as a woman would have been difficult. As time went by, and the culture changed, she felt able to come out as her true self, but she was always naturally more masculine than feminine and expressed herself that way both in her clothes and sexually. Jaunty, as her tailor, gave her the discretion she needed, and never blinked an eye as he measured her up for her suits, and found her to be wearing a strap-on. This was just who she was, and he’d always accepted it.
“I know why you came to me.” Jaunty showed her the picture and pointed at the tall man in the picture who looked so much like Byron, except for the artificially induced salt-and-pepper hair. 
“This was forty-seven years ago, and your father hasn’t aged a day.”
Normally her family didn’t keep up long-term friendships, so these difficulties didn’t arise. But Michal was very fond of Jaunty, so was Byron, and now she was falling for his niece. She had never planned on this relationship, but after the first taste of Amelia’s lips, she knew she could not turn her back on her, despite the many problems a relationship posed for someone like her, and despite vowing long ago to never ever care for a woman again.
Byron was reminded of that close friend from a long time ago who had prophesized that one day a young woman would come along and pierce her impenetrable heart. Byron had never believed it—until recently.
“I could never hurt her, and I would do anything to keep her safe, I can promise you that. This holiday is to work out what we can be together. I’ve never taken a chance like this, never let someone into my world like this.” 
Jaunty let out a breath. “You need to be so careful, Byron. My girl is head over heels for you.”
This should have sent her fleeing in fear—it always had done before if any women she slept with got too close—but Amelia was different. She was her girl, shining with goodness, and that goodness lit up the dark parts of her.
Byron’s hearing picked up the sound of Amelia’s heels on the wooden floors. “She’s coming. You don’t have anything to worry about, Jaunty. Amelia is safe with me.”

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