Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Enlightened Desire

Good morning.  This past week has been very busy for me.  However, I did get to do something fun.  On Friday I won tickets off of the Sound, an LA radio station, for Paul Reiser.  He is a comedian who is totally funny.  I took my spouse to the show and we had a blast.  I usually am not into comedy, but he took me away.

Also this week my editor sent back my manuscript for Enlightened Desire and I have been cranking at the keyboard.  I am really pleased with how it is turning out.   I am doing great with the criticisms and suggestions. Before I might have buckled under pressure.  Now I am view each suggestion as a gift to the bigger picture.  Each one that I fix is just strengthening the story.  Even one as small as removing an overused word is important.

At the same time I have my axe out and am trimming some things.  One thing that I've learned is that less is sometimes better.  The imagination still needs wonder.  Also people do not need a play by play when describing a scene.  I'll have to admit that it feels good to do this because like above I am strengthening the story.

For the past several weeks I have been featuring other authors and their work.  I have met some really incredible people and I feel honored to be sharing about them here. Each one of these authors is unique in more ways than one.  What I like about blog interviews is that I get to know the author and where they are coming from.  In the upcoming weeks I will be featuring Diane Marina who will be speaking about her hot f/f romance story, Landslide.  I will say that this story is grrrrrrr.  I love it.

During this time I've read some really great books and have written reviews for them.  I am sharing with you my review for Veronica Lyon's Punk Princesses (f/f romance):


Sadie is a straight laced Christian young woman who is at a crossroads in life.  Recently her band broke up and she was out of money.  She is an awesome guitarist looking for an opportunity to shine.  Soon she meets up with one in which she totally owns.  This band is a punk/alt band, music that Sadie has never played.  Nonetheless there is a first time for everything.

Things change for Sadie.  She soon finds herself in a whirlwind of things that are new to her, including going clubbing.  Sadie soon finds herself attracted to one of her band mates and soon the two begin an underground romance.  Later on she experiences a different type of loving for the first time.  All the while the band is really heating up the stage.  The venues are bigger and the crowds are louder.  

The author did a superb job painting the romance scenes.  They really capture the mood and essence. What I like is that the sex was not the entire plot of the story.  What was different about this story was that I felt love between the lovers from the get go.  Add love to sex and you have something incredibly wonderful.   The sex itself was on steroids as it was totally hot. 

Punk Princessess grabbed my attention on the first page and kept me going and guessing throughout.  Sadie won my heart.  This is a must read book!  Five stars.


Here is the link for her review on Amazon.  Also check out my other reviews.

Lynn's Amazon Review

I can't leave without giving you another teaser from Enlightened Desire.

A moment later Jackie heard a voice in the background which startled her. “Hey there.”  Jackie looked up and felt her heart stop.  Leaning into her was the face of the young woman in the red, strapless, sequined dress.  She widened her brown eyes and whispered, “You look as bored as I am.  How would you like to have some fun?”
“And what might that be?”
“Well why don’t I show you?”  The woman reached out for Jackie’s hand.  Jackie stood up and the woman led her through the crowd and into the house.  They passed through a few rooms until they came to a vestibule off of the family room.  At the far end was a door.  The woman opened it and Jackie followed her into the blackness.

You all have a super week!  Next week I will be featuring Suzie Carr as she discusses her breathtaking F/F romance, The Muse.

See you then.

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