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Enlightened Desire Coming Soon!

Good morning everyone!  I am getting closer to finishing the editing with my novel, Enlightened Desire.  I  will keep you posted on my progress.  So far it's really good. Thank you, Rebecca.  I am also working on my book trailer video which I will have up shortly.

I have big news to tell!  Mark these two dates on your calander.  On 27-June I will be interviewed by O Crisstopher Poet on  The meeting ID is 640 663828. O Crisstopher Poet is a talented poet, Graphic Designer, Animated Designer, and owner of CSoldier4Jah Trademark.  He has made a positive influence on me.  Thanks OCP.  He is launching his own internet show and I am going to be on it.  During the interview I will be discussing Enlightened Desire as well as some things in my life.    

Here is the trailer for my upcoming interview:


Also come by on the 25th to my blog.  I have been invited to participate in a blog hop hosted by Liz McMullen.  I will be talking about marriage equality.   In case you don't know Liz, she is an interviewer, author, and reviewer, who has interviewed lots of really cool authors.  You can check out her site and meet some awesome writers here.   They are listed in her blog roll.

Enlightened Desire is about a woman who thinks she has everything in her life figured out until she encounters a bizarre event that tells her otherwise.  Oddities suddenly become realities.  She is unable to hide from anything anymore.  Her truths are hitting her in the face at full force.  Then there is the red hot lover who has her own agenda.  And there is the other lover who is causing havoc.  If you're looking for romance, this is the book to read.  

My main character, Jackie, loves red roses.  Unfortunately, she does not have a garden to grow them in.  Instead, she gets long stemmed roses from the store.  Still nice, but nothing like the real plant.  This year we planted red Olympiad roses outside our front door to remind me of Jackie.  Both of us love the sweet smell of them.  

Roses are a very powerful plant and have been adorned since the beginning of time.  The scent alone helps bring balance and peace.  It is no wonder why it is such a popular scent for perfumes.  Some say, and I agree, that it is a spiritually evolved species.  All I know is that I feel more grounded when I am in the presence of them.

Red symbolizes love and romance, but it can also symbolize fire and sex.  Red satin sheets hit on all of these and are perfect when trying to entice a new lover.  It's no surprise that red is the most popular rose on Valentine's day.  Red also represents excitement.  Many of my characters are dressed in such attire as a red pleather teddy.  Team this with some candles, incense, some sparkling cider and classical music and you have the start of a romantic evening.

Jackie enjoys preparing her love nest for her lover.  She loves rose scented candles and sprays the sheets with rose mist.  In the background is some romantic music playing.  The ambience is sexy and lasting.  

I will be updating you about Jackie and Enlightened Desire in the upcoming weeks.  In the meanwhile here is an excerpt from Enlightened Desire:


A moment later Jackie heard a voice in the background which startled her. “Hey there!”

Jackie looked up and felt her heart stop.  Leaning into her was the face of the young woman in the red strapless sequined dress.  She widened her brown eyes and whispered, “You look as bored as I am.  How would you like to have some fun?”

“And what might that be?”

“Well, why don’t you follow me?”  The woman winked and reached out for Jackie’s hand.  Jackie stood up and the woman led her through the crowd and into the house.  They passed through a few rooms until they came to a vestibule off of the family room.  At the far end was a door.  The woman opened it and Jackie followed her into the blackness.

Jackie was on a high and ready to go.  Her heart beat rapidly and her breathing was slightly irregular.  This was a dangerous act and both risked being caught, but Jackie didn’t care.  She felt daring and her body craved this woman.

A moment later, the room was filled with a dim light as the woman lit a few candles.  Immediately, a light aroma from the scented candles filled the room.  Jackie could now see that this room was a lush bedroom.  The woman spun Jackie around and backed her up against the wall.  Jackie could smell the rosy fragrance of the woman’s perfume, a scent she found mesmerizing.  The woman gently blew into Jackie’s face and said, “Let’s see what you’re made of.”  She leaned in and kissed Jackie’s hungry lips.  Jackie used her tongue to trace the woman’s shiny lips.  They tasted like sweet cherries.  Jackie returned the kiss with equal passion and rubbed her hands along the stranger’s backside.  With each kiss, she felt electricity building inside her. 

The woman released Jackie’s hands and said, “Unzip me and I’ll show you something.”


This has been an incredible journey for both myself and Jackie and one that I would never trade.   I has had it's ups and many downs.  This is why I like to write, as it gets my emotions out of me and onto paper.  But from now on I am telling myself to focus on what I do have as opposed to what is now gone.  It makes no sense to dwell on the negatives.

Until next time.......

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I look forward to talking with you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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