Saturday, September 8, 2012

Good morning:

Like usual I'm enjoying a nice cup of joe to get my day started.  Today I'm having a get together with some friends and family.  I guess this could be a pre book arrival party since a few of my friends want more info on Jackie's Awakening.  I'm expecting the sales on this book to be really good since a lot of people have indicated to me that they are interested.  I'll say that it is a real spirited book that is heartwarming.  I really fell in love with Jackie because she is so dynamic and real.  She speaks from the heart and is fun to be around.  Here's a line from a conversation she had with another person in the book:

"Jackie walked up to her and in a flirty
way asked, "So, what would you recommend for a gal who doesn't know anyone here?""

Only 2 more days and then the book comes out.  I'm so excited.  

Ok, time for me to get stuff ready for the party.  I'll chat with you later.


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