Monday, October 8, 2012

Juicy Romance

I just had a relaxing day yesterday watching baseball.  My favorite teams are not in it, but my childhood team is.  I'm originally from Michigan so of course I was a huge fan of the Tigers.  We'll see how they do as the series goes on.

On another note yesterday I also did some writing on another GLBT book.  I was writing about some juicy romance which is always fun to write about.  I feel that romance is an important part of my stories.  I am a big fan of The L Word and really liked how they incorporated their romance scenes into their stories.  They were really juicy without them taking over the entire plot.  Let's face it sexy romance is a big part of our lives. None of us would be here if we didn't do it.  

I feel that the juicy romance also enhances my stories.  I like excitement so this adds good drama to the story.  I like to incorporate all sorts of things into my romance scenes.  I'm always a fan of the classic "sex on a beach."  I love the water and feel that the ocean adds to the romantic essence.  The sound of the waves crashing down on the beach is the perfect backdrop.

My point here is that sexy romance is fun so why not celebrate it.  I'm showing in my stories that it is warm and friendly.  I love my characters so I want them to have fun and what better way than to have them engage in something that they enjoy doing.  My characters are alive and so is good romantic sex.

I'm off now to have another incredible day.  I'm sending love and light to you all.  Do something fun today.



  1. There's nothing like a well-written romance book to keep the intrigue to alive. It's part of every day living. You love the way it awakens all your senses and makes you melt all over again. It's the best way to keep the juices flowing.

  2. I totally agree with you Ali. Romance needs to be celebrated for the joy that it is. Spicing it up with playful things makes it even better.