Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Changes

Things are moving fast and shifting fast.  This week went by like it was nothing.  Sometimes things come back to us.  Just this week an old internet friend sent me an email.  I was happy to hear from them so I responded.  It felt good to feel that old connection again. I could feel that they were in a better place too.  It feels so good to be remembered.

In my books I write about things evolving.  Nothing stays the same and I have my characters grow.  They have to.  I mean we grow.  Except that this time I get to write about their growth.  Believe it or not, but on some subconscious level I feel that my characters are growing on their own and are dictating to me about their process.  I felt this way when I was writing Jackie's Awakening.  It was like she was talking to me about her life.  At times I really felt what she was going through. She told me things that only she knew about.  I even sent good thoughts her way.  And she's just a fictional character who I made up.

The question that needs to be asked is whether Jackie can handle the new changes that are happening to her.  Does she isolate or does she turned to those she can trust.  What does she need to do to get her through this process. Or any of us for that matter. One thing that I did was turn to my writing.  In my books I also have my characters journal because I believe that it is a very healing process.  I do journalling myself and have found it helpful.  Another thing  I did was the old standby, the TV.  There are times where I just need a place to turn to that will get me back on track.  The design shows are a great escape.

I'm wishing you all a really great day.  It's now the weekend.  Do something fun just for yourselves.  You deserve it.


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