Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Staying in tune

Hello all:

Last night my childhood team continued to dominate the series and won the game.  The team that they were going against has a track record of winning. Also that same team has a track record of "coming back" at the last second of the game.  This makes it really difficult for them to be beat.  This did not stop my team.  Instead they kept themselves in the zone and came together as a team.  They brushed off any fear and just dove in. A few people would say that they are just having "good luck."  But are they really?

I wrote about "good luck" in my book.  My take on this is that everyone can experience "good luck" when they are in tune with Creator (or whatever you want to call this).  When one is in tune, their vision is clearer and this makes it easier for their goals to manifest.  That and a strong faith of what they are doing.  

In Jackie's Awakening I demonstrate this.  I show what both being in the zone and being out of the zone are and the effects it has on my characters.  I write about how my characters are "caught off guard" and what follows. Interesting things can happen.  Sometimes they can be bizarre or else they can be little things that test ones "trust and honor" belief.

Jackie needs to come together with her team members.  These are the ones who are helping her achieve the goals that she wants.  Like everyone she wants the good life.  She needs to have her vision in tact for all of this.  She needs to understand that sometimes things don't come to us in neat little packages.  Sometimes we need to experience some unpleasantness before we can even go after the goal.  Like I wrote yesterday, just don't give up the faith and keep your vision.  Good things are on their way.

I sending you off today with the best.  Again, keep the faith.


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