Saturday, October 27, 2012


Good morning everyone:

I can't believe that it is almost November and we are having almost 90 degree temps.  At the same time the leaves are falling all over my front lawn.  As a child I would rake them up and jump into leaf piles.  Now as an adult I've hired help.  I got the name from one of my neighbors and she really likes his service.

What happened here was a word of mouth sale.  This man has gained the trust of my neighbors which is why he got my sale.  Before I hired him I spoke with him for some time just to feel him out.  It turns out that he used to do the lawn for the previous owners of my house.  So he knew exactly what needed to be done.

Being trustworthy in today's world is a very nice trait to have. Like I mentioned in another post, there are so many out there who would do anything just to get a sale, even if it means reneging on their client.  They will talk the talk to gain another person's trust and then pull the carrot away when it's time for them to do what they promised to do. 

In my third book I write about a person who a lot of people like and look up to.  This person does not use people and also reaches out their hand to help out others.  This person is supportive and has a big heart.  They are a teacher as well as a student.

I too look up to this person.  This person believes in the honor and trust system and does not have the consciousness to take advantage of others. You could ask this person to hold onto a hundred dollar bill for them and know that they are not going to cash it in for themselves.  When they say that they are going to do something for you, they do it.  And if they don't feel they can do it, they don't make up a bunch of excuses as to why they haven't finished it.  Instead they're honest with the other person.

So in retrospect I created this lovable, laid back, and trustworthy person to help myself heal from the the times where others were not trustworthy to me or to a loved one of mine. I'm sick of holding onto this pain. I'm ready to move forward and heal it.  In order to do this I need to first gain my own trust back.  By trusting myself, I will not be attracted to untrustworthy people.  And when I do come across one, I will immediately be able to feel them out and then weed them out.  As my vibration raises, I will be attracting a more evolved type of person.   I am ready to move forward.

Have a positive thought filled day and I'll talk to you later.


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  1. Trust has to be earned! You can't trust others if you can't start with yourself first. Talk to yourself and listen to your intuition. Guilt only defines that you did something wrong and can eat away at your consciousness. Quit beating yourself up! Once you begin to trust yourself all over again, other's will believe in you and finally earn accept that you've changed. I know this all to well.
    My life was a complete mess and out of control. It took a lot of courage and self-control to look around at who I was hurting. I noticed that I was only hurting myself and was too stubborn to admit to my own faults. Today I am trustworthy person. I had to earn back the trust for all the pain I caused, but it does take time and forgiveness shall be our reward.