Friday, October 5, 2012

What is your choice?

Today I woke up feeling a wave of happiness go over me.  I'll tell you that it has been a lot of work on my part to get me to this point.  Like everyone, I've had my share of tough trials that I had to trudge through.  Looking back even though at the time they were harsh now I understand.  I can actually see how some of them have contributed to the strong woman who I am today.

For Jackie, she has a lot of issues that she needs to delve through, some of which are not so easy to find.  I can totally relate to some of these issues.  Issues that are tough are ones that deal with our survival.  I certainly had one of those and it was very painful.  

Jackie has some choices and it's up to her what path she wants to travel on.  Either one has their pluses and minuses.  There is no right way to choose.  If she chooses one of the paths, she has to be willing to walk through pain as it is peeled away from her.  From what I remember there were times where I felt that things were either getting worse or not moving at all.  Now I see that it was part of the process.

Life is basically an attitude.  I've heard before that one can live through everything if they have the mindset to do so.  It is possible to live in harmony despite the fact that you're in the middle of a hurricane.  I write about this in one of my other books.  A question here is, is Jackie willing to change her attitude so that she can grow with the flow?

I'm choosing to live.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy yourselves.


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