Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I saw a video yesterday that spoke about the different kinds of people who come into our lives.  They come in for a reason, for a season, or for a lifetime.  The different types are all brought into our lives depending on a certain need, desire, to teach us things, for us to teach them, etc.  People who are brought in for a reason are usually very short lived.  They may be a person shows up out of the blue to do a favor for you.  For the short time that you're together they are very sincere and genuine, then they are gone. 

For seasonal people they come into our lives to help us out with something bigger.  They may be your study buddy for a class that you both are taking.  Because of their direction, you're able to grasp some concepts that you found challenging on your own.  Then when the class is done, you both go your separate ways.  

For both of these types of people we need to remember that we did not do anything wrong in regards to the friendship ending. It's so easy to get caught up in the feeling that the other person (people) abandoned us or that we did/said something to offend them.  Many times it can be hard to bounce back, especially if we've built a relationship with them or started a project with them.  Sometimes the breakup can even have a setback in one's life.  It may take this person some time to find their new direction.  For others they may let this go with no hard feelings.

Remember too it could be you who decides for whatever reason that the relationship has served it's purpose.  It's very important to recognize the signs and let it go.  At the same time take time to do some reflection on what you learned from the experience.  This in itself can be very healing.

I write about a reason relationship as well as a season relationship in Rachel's Journey Home.  Both were short lived and served a purpose.  Both of them had spiritual meaning to them and helped the characters grow on all levels.  I feel that these relationships added strength to them.  They may not understand what happened on a conscious level, but underneath it all they do.

It's important not to lose our connection to the present.  Like I've mentioned in other posts when we are in tune with the present, our focus is clear and we are able to manifest what it is that we want.  With this in mind we may need others to assist us in obtaining these goals, even if they are only meant to be with us a short while.  

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