Thursday, November 1, 2012

No limitations

Last night I had a blast watching the little kids come up to the house and saying "Trick or Treat."   We had a big bowl of candy that we let them pick and choose which ones they wanted.  They all looked so cute in their costumes and were very friendly.  It was obvious that they were all in the zone enjoying themselves in the moment.  They did not have a worry on their mind and were really loving life.

In my third book I talk about living in the moment.  I talk about how important it is to just be in the here and now.  We can't change the past and it is futile for us to continue to try to do so.  It's gone.  We do have some control over the future in the respect that by living in the now we are able to focus on what we would like to see unfold for us in the future.  We do this when we let go of expectations and judgements and go with the flow.  

My characters are faced with a situation in which they have no control over.  Suddenly they are forced to deal with their past fears and resolve them.  At the same time they are being presented with a new view on life which they need to learn to adapt to.  With this in mind they now have the opportunity to make the best of the situation and make it work for them.  They have the chance to carve out a new niche for them so that they have a future that best suits them.  They just need to remember to be patient and believe that all is possible. Then they can shoot for the stars.  

I believe that it is achievable for all of us to live out our dreams, no matter what the exterior world is showing us.  I'm happy to see that the veil of limitation is finally being lifted.  What was once deemed as impossible is now happening more and more on a larger scale.  In today's world people are opening themselves up and realizing that they are much more than they can imagine.  They have the power to co-create.

Have a wonderful and fulfilling day.


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  1. Lynn-

    Love your blog! We all set ourselves limitations! No matter what they are, we prosper, live, and dream the impossible whether we accept the changes and challenges that lay ahead of us. We just have to step forward around those obstacles and live each day to its fullest.