Sunday, November 11, 2012

Taking a Leap of Faith

For some time now I've been beating around the bush on something that is very important to me.  I kept praying that things were going to change, when in fact they did not.  At the same time I was blinded and was in denial about the entire thing.  Deep inside I knew what I had to do, but at the same time I was scared to do so.  

In both of my books, the main characters are faced with circumstances where they are both at a standstill and cannot move.  They are faced with a two choices.  They can continue to spin their tires on their dead situations.  The other choice is for them to step outside of their comfort zones and move in a new direction, no matter how frightening it is.  For them to choose the latter, they are going to need to be very focused and clear from all distractions.  They need to let go of any fears that they have and just  take the leap of faith and march forward.  Even though the process in itself could set them back a few steps, the more they believe in what they are doing, the smoother the transformation will be.

For a lot of people change can be challenging.  I know it is for me.    Sometimes things don't go in a straight line; at times we have to snake around obstacles and other things before we reach our outcome.  During this time we need to practice patience as the process could take some time.  We need to keep doing the necessary steps along the way, even if they seem redundant.  Most important we don't give up.  

So with this said, I am in a gridlock until I make the next move.    What I need to remember is that I'm choosing to do this because out in the vast universe there exists an outcome that is better suited for me.  At this time I don't know what is going to happen next.  All I know is that I need to stay in the present and do my part to get the wheels turning.  That and trust in myself.


  1. Hi Lynn

    Love your blog. How are you.

    Mary Baldwin

    1. Mary: it's great to hear from you. Things are going well. Thanks.