Friday, December 28, 2012

Coming to Terms With Things

This year has been about a lot of growth for me.  And a lot of discomfort during this time.  Things have changed for me.  I have had to make some decisions that were not easy to make.  I feel that in the end they were for my better good.  There are things that I would like to see manifest in the new year.   With this in mind, I need to clear out the blocks that are standing in the way of this happening.

In Enlightened Desire, the main character is faced with some hard decisions that she had to choose from.  Like me she felt a lot of discomfort.  At the same time she had those close to her standing at her side.  She knew herself that it was futile to continue to fight these losing battles.  When she was first presented with one of her changes, at first it was scary.  As she got more  used to the idea, she found herself getting into the momentum of it and before long she was on her way.  

Hanging on to that which no longer serves me is a very big piece of baggage that I was clinging to.  I was scared that if I did not go according to the fixed plan, that I would not have another plan to choose from; nothing would take shape in it's place.  Like my main character I too had to put some trust into what it was that I was changing and let it go from there.  I did the action so I need to be patient for the results.

Now it is the waiting period.  This is where I can apply some trust that the final results are all going to work out.


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