Monday, August 19, 2013

Beta reading

Hello.  I'm in a great space today.  Currently, I'm beta reading for the author Vanessa A. Ryan, the author of A Blue Moon.  This story is an edgy urban fantasy told with horrific humor. According to the author, be careful what you wish for.  This book is available on Amazon. More can be read about Vanessa on her Amazon Profile or her Goodreads Profile.   I am really enjoying her story as it is exciting and I love the main character.  Certain parts of the store have a Lara Croft Tomb Raider feel, as one of Vanessa's characters previously went on an archeological dig.  The atmosphere of the main story location reminds me of a Dean Koontz story I read many years ago.  Very chilling!!!

It feels so good to help another author out.  I've been so buried in my own work all year so it is refreshing to read someone else's work.    My heart feels the energy of the story and I've been able to go into another world as I am reading.  This experience has helped me grow into a stronger author.  My beta readers have given me some good suggestions with Enlightened Desire.  I am now able to pass what I learned on.

As a child I attended an all girls Catholic school.  There I was taught the importance of giving and being of service.   I had the opportunity to volunteer in an assistant living home.  It was touching listening to the people talk about their lives.   One woman, in particular, had no family to come visit her.  I remember that day and feel good knowing that I reached out to her just by asking her to talk about herself.  In my next future book one of my characters is teaching her children about being of service.  She, herself, has done a lot of volunteer work, including a trip down to Central America to teach children.  

As a teen, I frequently volunteered at a soup kitchen that was in Detroit, about 35 miles from my folks house.  I knew then that what I was doing was selfless and making a positive difference in another persons life.  A simple thing as a smile at one of the homeless people does tell that person that you care.   Each time I went home, again, I felt this good feeling in my heart.

I believe that by giving we are helping the recipient grow.  Now they are free to continue on their journey of life.  Vanessa, my author friend, has a beautiful book and I have been honored to have been able to take part in this wonderful process.  I am looking forward to the day when this book will be available to you all.  (It won't be long!).  Don't forget to get your copy.

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