Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy fun

Last week we had our good author friends visit us from Las Vegas, Ali Pitts and Heidi Hawk.  They stayed with us for three days.  We had a blast.  We like to frequently entertain at our home.

I took this picture while we were driving along Pacific Coast Highway.  I felt like I was in a scene from a future book, except that my character was riding on the back of a motorcycle.  Still I felt the wind hit my face from an open window.

We drove up to Point Dume State Beach.  My friends took a stroll along the beach and got their feet wet.  I sat and stared at the sea.  I had a vision of a scene that I want to put in my next book.  My character goes to one of the beaches along PCH.  Except she meets up with someone who she wants nothing to do with, despite that my character made an agreement with this other person.

I'd like to comment on the sense of peace that I felt that day.  The salty air combined with the sound of the waves crashing down took me into another world.

More visitors are on the way.  Mom is coming in for my cousins wedding this weekend.  Talk to you soon.


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