Monday, August 26, 2013

The Great Outdoors Speaks.

I am  having a wonderful week.  I survived Jury duty without a scratch.  Yeay!  Now I'm on to better things.  Currently, I am reading the future book, The Forest Portal, by the author Melody Dempsey.  The plot is interesting and fun.  Three teens embark on an intriguing, dangerous, and exciting journey during a summer they will NEVER forget!! I too would never forget this adventure as it is nothing of the ordinary. Then there is a subplot that has caught my attention. 
This is making the story even more dynamic and has me thinking. As I've been reading I have been able to imagine myself being there witnessing the story live.  I already have chills.
At the same time, I feel like something has shifted for me this week.  I can't explain what it is, but I feel different.  I want to get back into nature.  Years ago when I was living in AZ, I used to go up to the San Francisco Peaks, which are just north of Flagstaff, and go hiking.  I would arrive there the night before and sleep in my truck.  Then I'd start out hiking around 6 am.  It was beautiful walking amongst the trees at that hour of the day.  It had almost a mystical feeling.  It was special.  I remember hiking this one trail and came upon a view that just called out to me.  I felt like I was one with the forest.  Melody's book has given me such a feel.

It has been some time since I last went hiking.  Mostly we have been going to the beach.  Two weeks ago my mom was in town and we all went up to Point Dume. It is a state park north of Malibu, along the CA coast.   It was so refreshing to sit on the  beach and watch the waves crash to the shore.  That day, too, I can remember feeling like the ocean was talking to me.  


In Enlightened Desire I have my main character visit Sequoia.  There she went hiking among the trees.  She, too, had an urge to get back into nature.  The experience that she had there was similar to one that I had years ago; she felt one with nature.  Like me she drew pictures and journaled while she was there.  Later on I have the same character go to another beautiful place, a place where I'm planning on going soon.   

I have spoken with my partner about going to Laguna Beach, which is in Orange County, CA.  There they have a huge artist community.  They have public art for everyone to view and each has it's own story.    A few years ago I saw pictures of sand sculptures of mermaids that had been created by one of these artists.  They blew me away because they looked very real.  My character in Enlightened Desire also loves art and loves to support local artists.  

Now it's back to my writing world.  Next week, I'm featuring Melody Dempsey in my blog, discussing her upcoming novel, The Forest Portal.  I will see you then.

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