Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Many years ago my partner and me bought this car from a neighbor. I'll have to say that it's been a really good ride.  I have fully enjoyed this car and have found memories driving it.  It has been up to Sacramento and back and all over L.A.   Unfortunately since its an older car its starting to show its age.  Right now it's stuck in park.  I'm sad because I really like the car and I'm not ready to give it up.   Time for the mechanic again.

People and things come in and out of our lives throughout each of our lifetimes.  Sometimes it is only for a moment, sometimes it is for a short time, and others are lifetime.  It is so weird how one day you can be best friends with someone then have them disappear the next without warning.  The way I look at it was that these friends were here to teach us something that we needed in our lives.  This could be as simple as being a good support during a time when things are rocky.  The thing we need to remember is that when friends leave abruptly it might not have to do with us personally. They have fulfilled what we wanted them to and now they are off to continue their journey.  The hardest part can be saying goodbye, especially if you had a close tie with them.  

People change whether we want them to or not.  In my next book, I have a character who experiences this.   In just a short period of time she dramatically changed.  Suddenly, her friends went away, some hostile, some gentle.  My character has to deal with this and accept the fact that these friends have not moved on with her and are staying where they are at.  She is confused and does not understand this.  She has to realize that she did not do anything wrong.  The friendships are just not meant to be anymore. Instead she needs to broaden her horizons and reach out to new people, because there are  people who want her in their lives.  Still, she grieves for the losses as her former friends have stuck with her through thick and thin.    

Sometimes old friends reenter our lives for one reason or another. Obviously something shifted for one or both of us that enabled us to resume the friendship.   I recently had this happen to me.  For me I was thrilled and am very happy to have this friendship again.  About the friends who have left me, all I can do is bless them with love and thank them for the wonderful friendship that we once shared.  It does me no good to hold on to what is now gone.  

Please stay tuned as I'm featuring a few of my author friends here in this blog in the weeks to come. Two of them are Melody Dempsey, author of The Forest Portal and Dolores Ayotte author of Up the "Down" Staircase. I will see you then.



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