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Meet Melody Dempsey

Good morning to you all.  Today I have a very special blog.  I am featuring Melody Dempsey  
and her debut novel, The Forest Portal.

"Cam and Taden walked into the room. 
They both stopped dead in their tracks. 
Cam’s face turned a pale pink; 
he felt the blood freeze in his veins. Taden felt his heart race; 
a wave of light headedness blanketing him like a snow covered lawn."

Melody Dempsey was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts.  After her father retired from the military, they settled in his home town of Lynchburg, VA, where Melody was raised.  Writing has always been a passion of hers since she was a child.  In school she received first prize for a funny story that she wrote as a school assignment.   This was an incentive for Melody to continue writing.  As a teen she wrote more stories, but never showed them.  As an adult she has written other stories which was featured in Hope Ocean and Why We Wrote, which were published in 2010.  Hope Ocean was published to help raise money for the Wildlife Foundation to help wildlife victims of the BP oil spill. 

The idea of the Forest Portal was born while she was at work one day in Home Health Care.  During a quiet time while on duty she picked up a pen and just wrote for the fun of it.  Soon the notes took shape and she created her manuscript.  It did not take long for her to realize that she wanted to publish it.  Thus the Forest Portal was published in Oct 2009 and released in  Dec 2009.  

The Forest Portal is Melody's debut publication.   Since it's publish date she has done much promoting of the novel.  She did two local television interviews, one was in January of 2010 on a local news station in Roanoke, Virginia, outside of the town where she lives.  Also, She did another television interview in her hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia back in February of 2010.  After that The Lynchburg New & Advance did an article on her book in their literary section on January 17, 2010.

She did a four month Virtual Book Tour in the spring of 2010. During her book tour, she also did an Internet Radio show on Blog Talk Radio with BK Walker of BK Walker books. This was part of the Authors Promoting Authors book tour. She also did a book signing at a local book store in Lynchburg Virginia.  

While Melody was on her Virtual Book Tour she did a blog about Keeping Characters Real.  Here is an excerpt from that blog:

"The Characters in a Novel, Short Story or even a Journal piece should be potrayed as normal, regular people. Giving the character life, i.e., having them show emotions, whether it's a positive, negative, sad, or showing excitement, helps the reader connect with the characters. I feel that it is important to see the characters as people. To see them in three dementional instead of one dementional. When I verbalize my characters, I show emotion through their dialogue, action amd very descriptive emotions. My characters are not perfect and, of course, I don't want them to be. I use real, everyday venacular lanquage, no fancy words, and I also feel that "colorful lanquage" keeps it real when you are potraying anger in your characters because that is usually what happens in real life. I'm not saying to go overboard with colorful words, just keep them in the realms of reality; making the character reasonable, but real. Now, when showing raw feelings, then show that raw feeling through means that are true to life. I feel that it is important to show those raw feelings through very vividly descibed actions, descriptive words and describing the inner feelings that the character is experiencing at the very moment you are writing about."

When Melody is not writing she enjoys making silk floral crafts.  She now resides in  Vinton, VA 
with her husband of 34 years and her five "furry babies."  They have two grown daughters.  She is currently at work with promoting the Forest Portal.

The Forest Portal tells the story of three teens as they embark on an amazing, but dangerous journey. Thrilled about the last day of school, Cameron Maine, his younger sister Collette, along with their friend Taden, decide to go to the beach for an afternoon of fun and relaxation, but Cameron has other plans he has not revealed to the other two. He tells them he wants help collecting seaweed, shells, and other seashore items. Taden questions his friend’s request, but reluctantly decides to lend a hand.

Soon the trio find themselves  probing even more into a place so bizarre, deeper into the realm of an unknown world that they discovered, sending them on a journey that makes a summer they will never forget!

Here is an excerpt from The Forest Portal:

Cam was approaching the small rock marker as he suddenly heard a shot ring out at the same time he fell to the ground. He felt a horrible pain burning in his leg. He felt as if he couldn’t breath. Cam realized he had been shot!  
Despite the feeling of overwhelming pain and feeling everything starting to fade to black, he struggled to crawl through the opening to the trees. He strained and groaned. Cam saw the colors, then everything went black. Rail stood in the middle of the field as he saw the colors in the short distance. He watched them disappear almost as soon as they appeared. He stood there in utter disbelief!

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