Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What is important to you?

Good morning everyone!  It has been some time since I checked in.  I am glad to see that you have been enjoing my featured authors.  Thanks to them I've read some incredible books this past year.  One that I am reading is The Muse by Suzie Carr.  I had Suzie here a few weeks ago on 16-Dec-13.  Thank you Suzie.

This book really touched me deeply as it dealt with bullying.  Like the main character I too was bullied as a child several times.  I was frightened and did not know how to defend myself.  So I let the bullies walk all over me.  I'll have to say that the impact of their bullying stayed with me for years afterwards.  LIke the main character in Suzie's book, I too, had a long time of solitude.  I am grateful that these days schools are taking bullying seriously and are putting a stop to it.  As I read the book I felt heartened knowing that I am not alone, nor is there something wrong with me.

Another book that I am reading is Awake Unto Me by Kathleen Knowles.  I had Kathy here back on 14-Jan-14.  Thanks to you too, Kathy. 

Her book tells the story of two women from totally opposite upbringings.  I can really relate to the feelings of one of the women.  The yucky shame feelings from being abused.  As an adult she uses her work to cover up her pain.  She doesn't trust anyone enough to share this.  The other woman feels deeply about her past and is afraid to process her pain.  The two of them want each other, yet are afraid.

The author has painted a pixel perfect picture of these women.  They are genuine and full of zest.  I felt like I knew these women just from the words on the pages.  They are definitely two women who I'd like to be friends with.

Look for my reviews for both books in the upcoming weeks.  These are two stories you don't want to pass up on!

This past weekend my spouse and I went on a little vacation to Vegas.  We stayed at the Luxor. It was very interesting sleeping in a pyramid. I totally felt the energy.  There was so much to do in our hotel.  Get this!  There is even a pizzeria that makes vegan pizza with vegan cheese!  It is called Slice of Vegas Pizza at the Mandalay Place, which is next to the Luxor resort.  The web is  This is definitely a place to check out as it has more than just pizza and vegan food.  This is the sign of the times. When I was here many years ago, I had to fend for myself foodwise.  Not anymore!!!!

What is also different are the payouts in the casinos.   I like the slots, however I am conservative with the gamble. Before we used coins and was paid in coins.  Now we were paid with a voucher.  It was still fun.  I just missed the sound of the coins.  I'd like to comment that the Luxor slot machines did not pay out very well.   I like the slots, however I am conservative with the gamble.  My spouse won some money, which we recycled.  What was disappointing was the club card that the hotel gave us.  I used it for everything.  We received a dollar for our loyalty.

It felt so good to be out of town and away from my office.  It is so cool that I can set up an office anywhere I want, thanks to my laptop.  I'll have to say that I received a lot of inspiration for my next story.  Maybe I'll have my character win the jackpot.  

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