Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Good morning everyone!
Did you have a favorite childhood pastime growing up?  Mine was watching the Detroit Tigers.  They were my everything growing up in the great Detroit rock city.  We used to go down to the corner of Michigan and Trumbull to the old Tiger Stadium to see the games.  I really enjoyed those times. I went with my family or I went with friends. I was always excited to see the Tigers play.  One year I even begged my dad to take us to opening day. He did.  Our seats were in the last row of the upper deck and the day was overcast.  I rooted really hard for my team.  Sadly, the Tigers ended up losing, however I had a really great time.

After college I got involved with other things and did not pay much attention to baseball.  Later on I moved out to LA and soon rediscovered my passion for baseball and fell in love with the Dodgers.  I still hold a place in my heart for the Tigers.  Last year both the Dodgers and the Tigers made the post season.  I rooted for both teams since one is in the National League and the other is in the American League.  My spouse and I also got to go to one of the Dodger post season games. They were playing the Braves and we really took care of them.  The below picture was taken at that game.  At the same time last season the Tigers almost beat the Red Sox in the American League Championship series.  I was really hoping for a Dodger - Tiger World Series. 

I am very thrilled that this year the Tigers are coming to Dodger Stadium to challenge the Dodgers next month.  What makes it better is that we are going to be there.  I will be rooting for the Dodgers.  However if the Tigers win, I won't be disappointed.

The players are all now different, but the spirit is still there.  Maybe Justin Verlander will be pitching for the Tigers.  Until then I will be watching the exhibition games on tv.  I am a true baseball fan in that I follow other teams too.  Nothing beats an exciting game where there are lots of runs, diving catches, and stolen bases.  Just recently, I watched the Angels clobber the Cubs 15-3.  The game included a grand slam.  Until next time.

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