Friday, June 13, 2014

Welcome back...

Hello everyone and good morning to you all.  I have big news to tell!  On the 27th of this month (7pm EST), I am having an interview with O Crisstopher Poet.  I will be discussing the latest on Enlightened Desire as well as some things about me.  Below is a trailer of the interview:

Today I'm enjoying the early morning sunlight as I am sipping my coffee.  I find early mornings to be very special times for me.  Also the energy is nothing like it is throughout the rest of the day.  I am really looking forward to when it starts getting light early in the morning.  I let the cats out and let them run around as I watch them.  Slowly the sunlight splashes my backyard.

I am planning to do some repotting this week.  I have geraniums and I am so blessed that the sun is shining and the weather is warm.  It is nice having flowers growing all year long.  I have been a fan of petunias since I was a small child. My mother used to grow them in her garden.  Believe it or not, but this plant is two years old.  I don't know what's going on, but it continues to sprout.

Flowers make me feel in tune with nature.  My favorite colors are magenta and purple, however I like all colors.  They, to me, represent purity and beauty.  They make me feel at peace when I am around them.  I am in tune with some of them and can actually feel them speak out to me.  Another plant I like is 
impatience. I like these plants because they are pretty and they do not need full sun to flourish.

On my patio in the backyard I have a whole bunch of cacti and succulents.   I have always loved these plants.   Cacti have an energy about them that is so serene.  I have a hard time picking out my faves.  I'll have to say that one variety is the Suguaro, which can be found in AZ.

We bought some large clay pots. We are planning on putting our barrel cactus in one of them. This is going to be quite a job since the barrel cactus is all prickly.  Later on we are planning to have all cacti and succulent garden in the backyard.  This one below has been transplanted to a large clay pot like the one above.  It now has room to spread it's thorns.  I am hoping it grows really big.  One day I'd like to plant it into the ground.


My buddy, Jackie from Enlightened Desire, loves Stargazer lillies because of the strong flowery scent.  I am not sure how they would grow here since it gets really hot in the summer.  I love the flowers and frequently buy them for us.  This one below was sent to me by my mom.

I would love to see your pictures of your flowers and gardens.  Feel free to include your pictures too.

Until Next time.


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