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Does She Love You? is an awesome story.

Hello all and a nice warm welcome back.  I have a page turner here that I just LOVED!   It is "Does She Love You?" by Rachel Spangler.  It is an exciting f/f romance, one that is going to grab your heart strings!  This is one not to be missed!

This is a story about three women.  First, there is Annabelle.  She is sweet, loving, and smart.  I could feel the strong woman in her throughout the entire story.  I saw a lot of myself in her.

Nic is Annabelle's partner.  She grew up from nothing and in her adult life was able to build a good life for herself with her two own hands.  She wants to be a good provider for Annabelle.  Nic showed me that anything is possible.  I admired her great strength and courage.    

Then you add Davis to the picture.  Davis is sweet and sexy.  I could just feel her luring me into her as I was reading.  Later on, I felt a connection to her.

Both women love Nic.  Nic is in love with both of them, or at least she thinks so.  The question is can she keep both women separated from each other.  Can she keep it separate from each woman?  Or does she need both to make her feel complete?

There are a lot of twist and turns in this book and it times I was surprised.  I could not believe what happened at times.  I had to turn the page to find out what happened next!  And then there were the lies. I could not believe what was said.  The scenes were definitely page turning as I felt the energy of the moment.  Suspicions rose and at times I felt my heart racing.  The way the author describes her scenes had me feeling the raw emotions from the characters themselves.  They really come alive in this story.

There is a major transformation in one of the characters.  I was inspired by this woman's strength and the writer's gift of storytelling. When describing the lovemaking and the chemical interactions between the lovers, the author told just enough to make it irresistible to read.  I couldn't put it down.

I really enjoyed this adventure and am currently reading her next blockbuster, "Timeless".  Go out and get your copy of "Does She Love You?"  You are going to LOVE the experience.  Five Stars.

Here is my link to my Amazon review:

Does She Love You? Review

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