Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Muse Review

Hello everyone.  It is great to see your smiling faces today.  Recently I have read some incredible books by some awesome authors.  Today I am posting my review of The Muse by Suzie Carr.

I loved the main character who was nicknamed “Plain Jane.”  Jane was a late twenty something intelligent woman who had never been in love.  She was shy and had some fear tendencies.  What the reader finds out is that this woman had been bullied as a child while her peers did nothing.  This got my attention because as a child, I too had in the same boat.  Like the main character, I, too, shied away from life as an early adult.
Jane meets up with a mystery woman who she communicates with via Twitter.  She now becomes Carefree Jane.  Jane so much wants to meet this woman.  However, her pains to her past are preventing her from pursuing much more than an internet relationship.  Her only saving grace is her best friend, who does his best to try to get her to break out of her shell.

As the story goes on, Jane is forced to deal with her insecurities.  I feel that this story helped me unlock my stuck fears.  I too was placed in a position where I had to deal with my fears on this issue.
The author does a fantastic job of painting these emotional pictures.  I was in awe of the main character at a certain point in the story.

I loved the chasing romance and the sex was HOT!  The author did a really great job in building up the ambience.  I could not wait to read what was going to happen next.  When you read this, you will feel the chemistry explode!
I thoroughly enjoyed this book.   It helped me deal with my own past insecurities as well as provide an exciting romance story.  I am encouraging anyone who has been bullied or knows of anyone close to them who has been bullied to read this book.   The romance is going to sweep you off of your feet.  It is the real deal.  Five Stars.

Here is the link to my Amazon review.  Stay tuned for more book reviews soon.

My Amazon Review

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