Thursday, September 18, 2014

Esther's Progency

Hello everyone and good day to you all.  Today I am reviewing "Esther's Progeny", by Alicia Love, owner of Lovely Book Promotions.   This story is a SIZZLER and had me so engrossed I couldn't put it down, so read on!  

"Esther's Progeny" is a paranormal vampire lesbian romance story.  I don't know what it was, but the author grabbed my attention right away.  This is my first read of this genre, so I didn't know what to expect.  All I knew was that I had to have more.

The lead character, Esther, is a strong-willed woman who is very tough and not afraid of anyone.  She is very focused and determined.  These are traits I admire so I immediately felt a connection to her.   

The other lead is Katie.  Katie represents me in many ways in that I was also shy in my youth.  She is gentle and kind.  In the beginning she came off to me as a little bit aloof, but she opened up as the story went on.  I think that she might have been reacting to Esther's boldness.  At the same time she is very patient and accepting.   When things take a turn, she turned to plan B instead of dwelling on what happened to plan A.    I was impressed to see how calm Katie was during this.  Katie's heart belongs to Esther and she wants to tear away her pain so that she can feel love.  The question is, how far is Katie willing to 

In my opinion, it was Katie's pure heart that attracted Esther, since Esther is not able to love.  Esther is a vampire and hasn't felt compassion since she was a mortal many years prior.  She and Katie meet in a nightclub one night.  Esther sees Katie first and realizes that there is more to this woman than what the eye can see.  This woman has a gift that Esther wants.  She is not afraid to step on any ones toes to get her prize.  Like Katie, how far is Esther willing to go?

The chemistry between them is special to both of them.  The author also paints a nice picture of the romance scenes.    Like in other books, with this one too, I could feel the love between the lovers.  Also, the sex was hot and really interesting.  

The bottom line was that this story kept my interest throughout the entire book.  It is a short read and can be read in a few hours.  I'd have to say that this one had many page-turning episodes in it.  I love being glued to the pages, not knowing what to expect.    Five Stars.

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Stay tuned.  In two weeks I will be featuring the author, Kristy Cato as she discusses her work, including “Beating a Stud:  At Her Own Game.”  See you then.

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