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Rachel Spangler's "Timeless" Review by Lynn Lawler

Good afternoon readers and a warm welcome to you all!  I am back from a vacation to Kauai where I did a lot of R and R.  I finished another gem by Rachel Spangler.  It is called "Timeless" and like her book, I recently reviewed, it caught my interest immediately.  I felt my heart hugged throughout.  Here is my review of the story.  Enjoy!

Stevie is a successful author who has to make an appearance in her home town, which she doesn't have fond memories of.   The question is, can she put the past behind her so she can deliver her message to students at her former high school?

In this story, Stevie is accomplished and polished, but it took a lot of strength to achieve this.  She has recreated her life from a past she is not happy with.  I give her kudos for this because, it is never too late to start living your dreams.  At a point, Stevie realizes her past will only haunt her as long as she keeps replaying the negative situations in her mind.  

She meets up with a woman from her past.  I felt this was interesting for her to come back into contact with a person who’d been an adult when Stevie was in high school.  Now they are both over 21.  At the same time she is forced to face her demons.  She is lost in a web of confusion and frustration.  

I was amazed over how the author builds and develops the character.  There were a lot of interesting twists that kept me on to the end.   

Stevie has a secret that no one is to know including a close friend.  It is Stevie's challenge to live her life while protecting her precious stone.  Her boundaries are threatened and she quickly learns from this.  

Underneath the secret is another secret.  Stevie needs to play her cards carefully with this one.  If she succeeds, a new awareness will open for another, giving them opportunities that otherwise could have never happened.  If she fails consequences will arise.  Stevie is stuck in the middle of a dilemma.  Does she reveal her secrets? Can she put together a game plan and trust the process?  If so, is the risk worth the gold at the end of the rainbow?

This made the story even more exciting!  How do you keep something like this hidden without going crazy?  

Love also comes to Stevie. She wants to impress this person as well as help them grow.  However, she must keep her secret intact.    I loved the romanctic scenes and felt that the  author described them beautifully.  They flowed with elegance.  

This book is very clear and easy reading.  It’s a real page turner and the story has true depth to it.  The author's characters are complex. I feel that I learned things from the main character.  If I could meet Stevie in person, I'd shake her hand and thank her.    I found myself wanting more!  I wanted to see where Stevie was taking me on her journey.  

At one point, she committed such an act of selflessness that I felt my heart melt.  She has an important message to share.    The way the author delivers this message will win your heart.

Get on your hiking boots because you are in for an adventure that you won't forget.  Five stars.

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