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'The War Within' review by Tye Shirelle

Good morning readers and a warm welcome home to you.  I just finished reading this incredible book that I want to share with you.  The author is Tye Shirelle and for those of you who don't know, I interviewed her here on this blog on 21-nov-14.   The book is 'The War Within'.  So grab a cup of joe and pull up a chair.

The main character, Kira, had a rough upbringing that affected her emotionally as an adult.  She has a good heart and wants the best for others.  In this story she is a stay at home mom as her partner, Avery, works a prestige’s job.  From a stand point the two of them have the perfect life, complete with their children and their two best friends.
However Kira has a challenge to live with each day.  I loved how the author described this and could feel the frustrations from Kira as I read.  The author explained some things about her condition for the reader.  Kira fights as best she could and is able to live a normal life and be a loving mother for her kids.  There was nothing fluffy about her and her character goes very deep.  She is one who needs extreme alone time on occasion.  She could be labeled as aloof, but in reality she just needs extra time to herself on occasion to process the extremes of her life.
When Kira is hit with a tragic curve ball, it was the love of her three women friends that helped Kira recover.  I liked how the author depicted Kira’s actions and feelings during this time.  Kira expresses her anger and fear in such a way that I would have been put on edge if I’d been in the same room. 
Then a shocking secret is revealed and all hell breaks loose for all four of them.  Everyone was angry, felt confused and scared.  Trust had been broken and forgiveness could not be found.  I like how the author described Kira's actions during this troubling time.  I felt her feelings and understood her pain. 
The sex is great and very loving.  In this story, too, I could feel the love from the lovers.  The authors’ depiction is very descriptive and electrifying. 
The story is peppered with engaging drama.  It is an easy read and can be finished in an afternoon.  I must warn you that you might want to get your tissue box handy.  Five Stars.

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