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Changing Shape Review by Kathleen Wheeler

Good morning readers.  Today I have a treat for you.  I just love Kathleen Wheeler's f/f romance, "Changing Shape" and have posted my review below.  This is not just a story, but a journey with discovery.

This story is about two women from different backgrounds.  The first woman, Elizabeth is a successful businesswoman in Boston who has to return to her home town to tend to a family matter.  Elizabeth is very intelligent and has often been accused of being stand offish since she preferred books over people while growing up. Nonetheless she learned how to reinvent herself into the woman she is today. This I found to be reassuring, knowing that it is never too late, nor is anyone too emotionally damaged to become a new person.  I also admired her independent spirit.  She is someone who I want to meet.

Hailey, the other woman, lived her life in a sheltered way, due to her dominaring father, who she adored.   She now owns her family business.
  Hailey has a heart of gold and treats her staff as if they were family.
Both women love Elizabeth's mother, Patty, very much and stick together as things move along.  Hailey really looked up to her. 

Patty is a strong woman who I really admire. She works hard and is loved by the entire town.  She is one person who can walk down the street and just bring sunshine to all she meets. Never once did Patty say anything negative to anyone.  She saw the cup as half full as opposed to half empty.  These are traits that I admire.

It is Elizabeth's family matter that draws the two women together. They discover growing feelings each have for the other.  This was a new experience for them both.  
 It was exciting to see the heat between these two.  I was happy for Elizabeth realizing that she is a loving soul and deserves to be with someone spectacular.
Hailey finds out that a very special truth that surprises and excites her.  The emotion  that I felt was great. 
The romance in this story will spin your head around.  It is so full of love and tenderness.   What I liked was that the sex was all in good taste. 

The author does a beautiful job in her descriptions. I actually felt I was there in some places. The entire story is heartwarming. This journey was incredible as the women got to know each other on a deeper level.  The reader will feel the depth of each character so be prepared to be deeply touched.

The book is easy reading and one that I could not put down.  You're going to want to dedicate an afternoon or evening for this adventure.  

Five Stars

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