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Meet Author Erzabet Bishop

Hello and a wonderful afternoon to you all.  I hope you are all staying warm while you're out and about with your holiday shopping.  Or maybe just cuddling up with a loved one.  Today I am featuring the author, Erzabet Bishop, author of "Written on Skin," a sexy f/f vampire/shifter romance story.  I had the opportunity to read this fabulous book and loved it.  Let's all give Erzabet a warm welcome!


What is your story about?
"Written on Skin" is a story set in the "Sigil Fire" urban fantasy style universe. This story is a short centered on an outlying character named Gen who has a fixation on Fae, a tattoo artist at Forbidden Ink. Here is a blurb:
Magic and mystery come to life when humans encounter the secrets of Forbidden Ink. When a blood-for-ink trade gives Genevieve more than she bargained for, her world gets upended. A visit to Cirque Nocturne to blow off some steam is intended to give her the distraction she needs, but this tattooed beauty finds more waiting for her in the shadows than she could ever have hoped for.

What or who inspired you to write?
I've always loved writing. When I was a child, one of the things I got for Christmas was a horror anthology from my sister. It helped to shape me into the writer I am today.

What traits were you looking for when you were creating the main character in this story?
I wanted someone strong. She had to be able to look the darkness in the eye and absorb some of it. Gen is that person.

Did you do any types of writing while you were in school. If so, did you receive any awards or recognition for your work?
I did some poetry and that went over pretty well. Since then, I've been a finalist at the GCLS awards in 2013.

Was there anyone, in your life who was an inspiration for you to write?  If so, what did they do?
I think the biggest inspiration to keep writing was a quote by Ray Bradbury. He said something like-write a short story every week and sooner or later you won't be terrible. That has had the most influence, only second to my husband who has always been my biggest cheerleader.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? Can you elaborate on what has worked for you?
Yes. I want to tell readers how much I love writing stories for them. If I can share some of the magic of my daydreams then I'll have done my job.
What has worked for me is persistence. I don't ever stop. Every day after I come home from work, I'm at the computer working on the next thing. I jot down ideas during the day and try to turn rejections into a learning experience.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?
Lately that has been a rare thing, but I do love to crochet, bake, and watch monster movies with my furry kids and hubby.

What has been your favorite part of being an author? The least fave?
The creative process and writing the book is my favorite. So is seeing a really hot cover and knowing that the artist got your work. The least is the time management with social media aspects. Working full time and writing under two names fills the day up pretty fast. When you need to be a marketer too… well, sometimes I don't do that part enough.
What was the last book you read? What did you like about it?
I am reading "To Sir" by Rachelle Nichole.  It is a wonderful book about a writer who learns to embrace her sexy side and learns to work within a D/s relationship. Hot and wonderful!

Where would you go for your dream vacation? Would you ever use that location as the main location in a future story?
With ten furry kids, I don't travel. Especially with the full time writer and work life, but I've always wanted to go to Alaska, Ireland, and Scotland. Maybe someday and yes-everything is fodder for the writing. Lol.

One day you get the call that they want to make your story into a movie. Who would you have in your cast and why?
That would make me fall off my chair and since I don't watch enough TV to tell you any particular actor, I will have to pass on this question.

What is in the works next for you?  If you can’t share, I totally understand and respect this.
I am working on the sequel to "Sigil Fire." The title is called "Glitter Lust." I'm also in the middle of Charity Benshaw's Enchanted Paddle Emporium, One Night in Houston, a YA horror short and a dessert themed piece.

I read some good news about you regarding "Signal Fire."  Can you elaborate more on this?

Writing can sometimes be a solitary endeavor. It isn't until you send it off to an editor with bated breath that you take a chance on someone seeing all the blood, sweat, and tears you've put into a piece. Such is the case with "Sigil Fire."  It was originally a short story sent in for an anthology. The amazing Astrid from Ylva Publishing saw potential and had me work to lengthen it to the 30K it is today. She, as well as, the amazing editorial staff was there while my fledgling novella wings grew. To see Sigil be nominated for the 2014 GCLS award in two categories is a wonderful thing!  As I scanned down the lists, I saw several anthologies I appeared in over the year as well. Now that was a good writer moment. To look out at the world through the same computer screen I've spent hours in front of creating worlds and characters-to find someone valued the books enough to nominate them warms my heart. So, as I sit here and work on the next book in the series, I smile and appreciate all the fans that love my work as much as I do and send out hugs to you all. Authors live for reviews and they need to know what they endless hours working on matters. Even just a little bit. Even if I don't win, I'm grateful for the nominations and it gives me the added courage to keep working toward the dream of being a full time novelist. One baby step at a time...

 And one step at a time is what got her to this place where she has multiple books in her name.  I am very proud of all of the hard work you've put in in just a short period of time.  This is excellent.  Like I mentioned above, I just loved "Written on Skin" and I would like to share two excerpts from that wonderful story.


Excerpt 1:
"Pain and pleasure comingled in an experience Genevieve had never experienced before or since. Memories and magic wriggled inside of Gen, making her edgy. She rubbed absently at the four bird-shaped tattoos on her collarbone. It had been six months, and they had long since healed over, but the magic inked into her flesh along with the design was still new to her. She was learning how to control it, but some aspects of the mysteries hidden within her flesh refused to reveal themselves. Today they were positively throbbing."

"Fae insisted that she matched the tattoo to the individual, and also to the person’s energy. Now here Genevieve was with a flock of birds incorporated within her skin. They fluttered and shifted, reacting to her every emotion. They were infused with magic, definitely not what she’d bargained for when she’d gotten the ink. If only she’d known a tat wasn’t simply a tat, she might have decided differently. Something had been loosed inside her, and she wasn’t sure what to do with the fire in her blood."

 Excerpt 2:
"Not even realizing her feet were once again responsible for moving her forward, Genevieve sifted toward the edge of the ring, her eyes never leaving the vision floating in the air above her. The music swirled around her, gossamer and silk. Genevieve’s lips parted, and she sighed in contentment. The birds etched in her skin quivered and heaved against their constraints, as if eager to break free."

"Ours, they cooed."

"One of us, they whispered."

"Genevieve was transfixed as she watched Maliah roll through the air, and something dormant inside of her flared to life. A thunderbolt of realization hit her, and she gasped. The birds trembled beneath her flesh as if they knew this woman flying above them. Maliah was one of them—a creature of the air, weightless and flowing."

I hope you will enjoy my foray into the world of "Written on Skin."  Dark carnivals, magic and mystery await your reading pleasure. Stay tuned for more books in the "Sigil Fire" series coming soon.

Like I mentioned above, this book is phenomenal!  The entire ride is a journey and takes the reader into the bizarre.  The lead character has a message too.

Here are what Erzabet's readers are saying about "Written on Skin."

"Holy crap! Written on Skin was a stunning intense paranormal story! I loved the magic of the ink and how it all came together at the end. I think my only complaint is its way too short. I need more! I want to know more about everyone and their new journey."

By Kristin E. from Amazon

"I am in love! Carnivals, shape shifters and shadows…oh my! Provocative, steamy and intelligent, Ms. Bishop clearly evokes the sentiment she is genuine mistress of her craft. I love tales about those who are lost or alone and their journey to self discovery. Ms. Bishop gave me all that and more. Hear tell there's a longer book in the process for this series and I, for one, am waiting with bated breath."
By Torie James from Amazon

Stay tuned for my review of "Written on Skin" in the upcoming weeks.  In the meanwhile, check out what reviewers are saying about the story.

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I want to thank Erzabet for stopping in today.  It was certainly a pleasure speaking with you.  I am looking forward to reading more from you.  Check out Erzabet's "About Me" link below.  There you will see all that she has worked on. 

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