Friday, January 30, 2015

"Something to Dream On" by Diane Rinella Review

Good morning readers and a warm welcome to you.  Recently I finished another really great read.  It is "Something to Dream on" by Diane Rinella.  If you love romance with some paranormal, you're going to love this one. 

"Life isn’t about obtaining the ideal of perfection; it is about embracing the perfection that is in front of you."

Lizetta is soul searching for her perfect mate.  She wants someone who is going to love her for who she is.  However, she's looking in places where the pickings are quite slim.   Also, she is suffering from low self esteem when she judges her situation.  
At the same time, Lizetta is finding her way after years of enduring serious taunting as she grew up.    As a result, Lizetta has problems with trust issues.  Bullying is something I can relate to as I spent a great part of my life putting up with this.    I was glad the author touched on this as bullying is a real problem and does cause deep scars.  (Words hurt more than a blow to the head with a stick). 

Lizetta has a genuine soul and does selfless acts of kindness, which really touched me.  Her heart is felt on each page of the story.  She picked a perfect profession to help her heal emotionally as she works with animals on a daily basis.  She goes far beyond helping animals.  She brought light into someone's eyes who was spiritually dying.  She put herself aside and focused on the their well-being.  This BLEW me AWAY!!    

Throughout the story, Lizetta shares many words of wisdom.  She explicitly spoke her truth.  I felt changed in that now I am starting to believe that anything is possible. 

Then there is another character, Jenson, who struggles with his lingering demons.  He has ugly secrets that need to be confessed.  However, fear of abandonment still controls the reins.  The author did a beautiful job of portraying Jensen's emerging feelings, which were raw and intense.  
In the story, He has important choices that could either make or break him.  At this juncture in the story you will be introduced to another multilayered character who tries to control Jenson.
Then out of no where a serious twist drops in that affects both Lizetta and Jenson.  This gave me the CHILLS.  The story touches on some deep issues and both Lizetta and Jenson are forced to change their way of thinking and lookout on life. 
This is a dynamic love story, one of which held me captive and involved emotionally.   It
reaffirmed that miracles and love do exist.  
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