Saturday, January 3, 2015

"Stop! In the Name of Love" Review

Hello and a warm welcome to you all.   I hope your holidays went well.  I know that I had a good time.  Now it is back to work.  During this time I read another smash novel,  "Stop! In the Name of Love" by Shiralyn J. Lee.   The characters will grab your attention right from the first page.

This story takes place in 1960's London, which was an immediate interest to me since I've been to London and love the 1960's youth culture.  Cheryl is 17 and lives with her folks, trying to find her way.  She boasts confidence and is grounded.  I love how she was able to tell people her mind while staying strong emotionally.  Cheryl is independent and listens to no one.  This was an admirable trait of hers.  She says the things that I always wanted to voice.  I found myself cheering her on as the story went on.
Then there is Carry Ann.  They meet one night and all of a sudden sparks flew.  Carry Ann radiates innocence.  However, there is an underlying current that you must read to appreciate.
Carry Ann handles herself well and introduces Cheryl to her lifestyle, which Cheryl falls in love with.  The two of them dance the dance of love.   Unfortunately, due to the times, Cheryl has to hide her feelings regarding Carry Ann.  She was bursting at the seams and I felt her frustrations.  Here Cheryl wanted to celebrate a part of her life that is special to her, but could not.  She is stuck behind closed doors and even then has to be discrete.  Thankfully that way of thinking went out the window years ago.   In today's age Cheryl and Carry Ann could walk proudly down the street hand-in-hand. 

I found it refreshing that the author chose to write about the gay scene in London in the 1960s.  All I've ever been told is that "somebody is in the closet" and was left with that.  This story showed the actual lives of these women and their interactions. They had fun and were very accepting of themselves.  This is an eclectic story about two women who are timeless.  I found myself forgetting about the stigmas of the mid century.  At the same time, many people were not tolerant or accepting of homosexuality at all then.  
The author describes the humiliation of one person being outed. I can remember feeling empathy, but also the fear that was fueling the conflict.

Not everyone back then was bigoted, in fact, the author points out people who accepted Cheryl.   This was felt in my heart.
The romance in this story is very addicting.  The dance of love is beautiful and the sex scenes were very tasteful and exciting.  
This is an easy read but dedicate some time because you will not want to put it it is quite heartwarming.  Carry Ann and Cheryl are like two new friends.  Five Stars.

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