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Author Brittany McLaughlin's "Languish" review

Hello readers!  It is so good to reach out to you this morning.  Today I have a special treat.  In addition to my personal blog, I am including my review for author Brittany McLaughlin's "Languish".  This is Brittany's first book and it is a LGBT mystery thriller.  For those of you who don't know Brittany, click on the “Meet Brittany Blog” below.  Here she speaks more about herself and her work. 

Meet Brittany Blog

This is one of Brittany’s favorite quotes: 

"...we were hopeful pessimists. That is, we wrote knowing that none of the stories we told would change the world. But we wrote in hope that they would."

Thomas King

Two women, Aria and Chandra are a married couple living a normal life with their young daughter, Crissida.   Aria is a popular singer, who’s soft and gentle energy uplifts and creates harmony.  Being grounded and balanced, her mother-daughter bond is solid and loving. 
Chandra, a former cop, disguises her pain with a thick skin.  Inside she is suffering and can't seem to cope in a positive way.  When wronged, she can’t forgive.  She is fearless and strong.
Daily, a buried secret eats away at Chandra.  A certain truth horrifies her.  Although tough on the outside, an inner light shines.  The combination of these forces fuel her drive to accomplish her goal.
It is easy to identify with these characters to the point where you will feel as if you are right there with them.  Evocative of deep felt emotions, this book explores your darkest fears as well as your highest hopes.   Be prepared, because this is a true thriller in every sense of the word.  What a ride!
Brittany is an amazing writer!  Put her on your to-read list.  I am looking forward to witnessing this bright, fresh author succeed and proliferate in the upcoming years.

Here is the link to my Amazon Review:

My "Languish" Review

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