Friday, March 20, 2015

Living in the Now

Good day my friends!  This year has really flown.  I can't believe that it is already March.  I have been doing a lot of things.  I can't complain about how beautiful the days have been.  Just about each day it has been warm and sunny, although we have had a few much needed rainy days.  LA made the national news with its high temps; it has been in the 90's.
For the past several weeks, we have been planning a succulent/cacti garden.  In our backyard are many plants, many of which have outgrown their pots.  A friend of ours is helping us plan their permanent locations.   What we love about succulents is that they are drought resistant.  When they bloom, they are beautiful.

This aloe plant started out as a small baby when we got it two years ago.  Believe it or not, it used to live in the small orange pot.  Now it has huge shoots growing out of it.  It is ready for the ground.   It finally grew its first sprout and the yellow flowers attract many hummingbirds.  I have my phone ready so that I can get a video, hopefully. 

Opening day is just around the corner!  We are very excited that our “boys in blue” are back, even though my fave player, Matt Kemp is no longer with the team.  We are thrilled that the exhibition games are being aired live and we can watch them.   This year, we’re going to opening day with family.  The last time I went to opening day was with my father in Detroit at the old Tiger Stadium.  I have fond memories of that day and am grateful for the time we spent together. 

This past month I have been reading more great books.  Recently I finished "Switching Gears" by Rhavensfyre.  This book is one-of-a-kind and it rocked.  The main character inspired me in more ways than one and gave me courage.  Come check out my review on my 13-Mar-15 blog entry.  This is a must read if you love lesfic literature!  I am looking forward to the next part of this story.  I want more.   (…whenever you’re stuck and unsure, ask yourself… “What would Micah do?”)

Introducing: Brittany McLaughlin – A bright, young and energetic author. Her debut book, “Languish” is rich in passionate emotion. If you want lots of drama and ghoulish action, then pick this one up.  This riveting, mystery-thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. I still have the creeps after reading that story!  Let’s congratulate Brittany on her first book – and keep an eye out for her next!

"Seven Minutes in Heaven" by Kat Fletcher - is a lesfic romance that grabbed my heart from the start.  Just as a flower begins as a bud – this story gracefully opens up and delivers an incredible blossom.  Romantic and sweet – the impressive journey will leave you breathless.  Pick up this one and share your experience.

Life is being good to me now.  I am grateful for each positive that comes my way.  I am choosing to be in the light even if others do not wish to join me.   It has been a challenging journey, but not one that I'd ever trade. My intentions are to continue to grow spiritually.   A friend once told me that all of our trials prepare us for what we desire.

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