Friday, April 17, 2015

April Greetings

Hello and a happy spring to you all.  Here in CA we didn't have much of a winter other than a few cold temps.  For the most part it has been sunny and beautiful so I cannot complain.  The only thing that would make spring really spring is rain.  Nonetheless my perennial petunias are still blooming and my succulents radiate.

We had the time of our life on 06-Apr-15.  We took our nephew and his dad to Opening Day at Dodger Stadium.  The Dodgers played the Padres, which is our nephew's fave team.  We wanted to keep this a surprise so we didn't tell him until we pulled onto Elyssian Dr.   The afternoon was absolutely perfect and the “Boys in Blue” really outperformed themselves.

It was really strange seeing former Dodger, Matt Kemp in a Padres uniform.  For the past several years, he has been my favorite Dodger.  I was surprised that he got booed since he was really popular when he was with the Dodgers.  It was a blast watching my nephew cheer for his team.  These are memories I am going to cherish for the rest of my life.  Thanks Michael and Mike.

All year I have been working so hard with editing my WIPs.  Enlightened Desire is out of my hands for the time being, so I'm working on other stories.  One, like Enlightened Desire, has been on a slow journey, but not one that I regret.  Things are different now than when I first started the story.   I've had to do a lot of updating to keep the story current. I feel that it has helped me grow and accept things.  
One of these WIPs, a fiction fantasy, continues to surprise me.  It is rich and the characters are dynamic.  This story has also been a learning experience and I have included things that assisted me on my spiritual journey.  One thing that is mentioned is that with a positive strong belief and action, all is possible.  Also never compare yourselves to others; you in the exact place that you are meant to be in right now.
Ideas are coming to me regarding my next work.   I have a story about an older lesbian woman who lives an odd life.  She is strong and lets life roll off her shoulders.  She offers wisdom that only someone who has lived her life could have.  I want readers to see that middle-age life is grand.  The story takes place in a fictional small beach town in another time frame.  It has been fun writing the outline and doing the research. 

During this time I have been reading some really great books, one of which is Suzie Carr's "Sandcastles," which has been all over Twitter. (check out @girl_novelist).  Suzie's stories will draw you in from the start.   You will feel like you are right in the middle of the action.  This one proved the power of affirmations and filled my heart with loving words.
I still have fond memories of her book, "The Muse," which, by the way, is now on audio.  This story really touched me in a positive way and the main character really drew me in.  Her message was incredible and gave me hope.  Never give up on your current dreams because of negative past experiences.    It is a must read for everyone and can be enjoyed over and over.

I love my work and especially love helping other authors.  Last week I featured Valerie Lee, Author of "Stolen Laces" in an interview.  The cover photo, with its beautiful rock formations, drew me in.  I could just feel the love that the author put into her characters.

Later this month I will be featuring Kat Fletcher, author of "Seven Minutes in Heaven."  This story takes place in romantic Cape Cod.  I've never been to the Cape, but the way she describes it, took me right there.  The passion the characters is addicting.  That's all I'm going to tell you, except to go read the story.   

I want to continue to spread good will to everyone as we are all worthy of love.  One thing that I would like to do is discuss other author's work.  Feel free to start up a conversation on my page.  Kat, Valerie, and Suzie; I want to thank you for everything. 

As I leave you this month, I am passing on these words, never give up on your dreams no matter what anyone says.  You are worth it and your work is a reflection of your passion.


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