Friday, May 1, 2015

"Seven Minutes In Heaven" Review by Kat Fletcher

Happy spring, my friends.  It was great seeing you all last week.  Kat Fletcher is an astonishing author and her work is out of this world.  I'm happy you enjoyed the interview.  Today I am reviewing her book, "Seven Minutes in Heaven."  This is a page turning romance that will keep your heart warm.   Read on!

"In Provincetown, it seemed perfectly natural to snap pictures in the little town center. People came to be seen. The same sex couples, gleefully expressing their affection openly for each other. The entertainers, busking in front of the town hall. The occasional straight couple, clinging to each other in desperate displays of public affection, lest someone think them part of the local flora and fauna. It was as if the entire town center was part of some grand public performance."

                                                                              Kat Fletcher. "Seven Minutes in Heaven"

"Seven Minutes in Heaven" is set in the romantic Cape Cod, where the beach itself will sweep you in.  The setting of the story is breathtaking.  As I was reading I imagined myself walking along the beach and meeting up with the story's two main characters, Megan and Andi.  At the same time the salty air from the ocean penetrates my soul.  The coolness of the water envelops my feet and out in the distance seagulls sing. 

Megan is soon to be divorced from a man who has been described as "perfect on paper, a piece of shit in real life". She takes a trip to visit the cottage she and her family visited when she was growing up to sort out things.  She is a private person, an artist, who prefers to work alone in calmness.  She has gusto and goes after things she wants. 
Inside of her lurks a buried pain from her past that she needs to deal with.  Her sense of trust has been threatened and anger fuels this resentment.  She realizes that this is no way to live and is ready to take action.    The circumstances are not easy and there are obstacles in the way. 
Andi is bold and self assured.  Confidence is her middle name and she is comfortable in her skin.  She is cool tempered and doesn't thrive on drama.  If you met her, you'd know that she's spent her entire life living at the beach.  Right away, her easy going vibe is felt, making the reader feel at ease, especially when communicating with her.  I really admired her and found her to be an inspiration.
"Seven Minutes in Heaven" captured me right away and continues to linger in my fond memories of reading the book.  The cover, for starters, is eye catching, with the heart looking like its waiting for a woman to come knock on it's door.  The setting is serene and fills the reader with wonder.  I was touched when the author told me she thinks of both Andi and Megan as her children.  The amount of care and detail she put in to these women is amazing and kept me wanting more.   
Get ready to be taken on a ride that will take you away.  This is a perfect book to take with you to the beach.  Whatever you do, don't stop before you find your own "Seven Minutes in Heaven."  Enjoy!  Five Stars.



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