Thursday, July 20, 2017

A moment in time

Hello everybody and a good morning to you all.  I am sitting outside sipping coffee with my spouse as my black cat takes off.  As soon as I open the door, she darts over to the tree and jumps over the wall and into the neighbor's backyard.  She's so fast that I can't even catch up with her.  Thankfully, she returns about 10 minutes later.

Pets are such wonderful beings.  My cats actually speak a language and believe it or not I can understand it.  Onyx sometimes acts like a dog in the sense that she fetches and will come when prompted.  She also loves to get her belly rubbed.  Sometimes she growls.  She is my best friend and I love how lively she is.  Never a dull moment around here.

The one thing I love about Southern California is the early mornings.  We normally get up at 5:15 in the morning.  I like to get up at this time because the energy of the early-morning is so warm.  Right now I hear an orchestra of birds.  The early morning sun feels refreshing and new.  I don't experience this at night.  For me the energy at sunset is different.  

I have been up to a lot of things since my last post.  Recently I watched a film that was so profound that it brought heavy tears to my eyes.  The name of the film is "For the Bible Tells Me So".  It's a Christian based film discussing how the bible has been used over the years to exploit others, including gays and lesbians.  Its target audience are those who have been misinformed and blinded by their religious beliefs.  In the film, there was one woman whose lesbian daughter committed suicide because of lack of support from her family.  I thought this was the saddest thing.  I felt that the film had a lot of positives in it.  People are realizing that their family members need each other no matter what.  Teens especially need extra love from their families since they are being exposed to so many things, some of which is hurtful.  If I had a lesbian or gay child, I would love them no matter what.  I don't want them to die because of any ignorance on my part.  No, I would be involved helping them adjust to our world as a gay or lesbian person.  I don't have the consciousness to abandon this child because they are gay or lesbian.

I feel that the film that I watched was very eye opening.  I am grateful that I have  family who support me and want me to do well.  I send out prayers to those in our community whose families have abandoned them.  Too many young people end up in the streets because they never had a solid foundation growing up.  How can someone embrace themselves when their folks have different expectations for them that clash.  It's these people who need to wake up and realize that their children are beautiful beings who deserve to be loved for who they are.  It doesn't matter what their sexual orientation is.

I am so glad that things are changing.  People are starting to open up and are becoming more understanding and accepting of things that they shunned away from in previous times.  Recently I wrote a blog about marriage equality.  I mention several updates regarding the law in several states regarding gay marriage.  

My blog was part of a blog hop and I felt good participating and giving back.  If anyone knows of any other blog hops, whether it is for an issue or to feature a guest author, please let me know.  

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