Thursday, July 20, 2017

Song of Summer

Hello friends.  It is good to see you all this afternoon.  Things have been going great with me.  We have been keeping us busy by doing fun things.  Our latest adventure was down to San Diego.  While there we got to see the Dodgers play the Padres at Petco Park.  This was the first time that I'd seen my team as the away team. 


What was amazing was that half of the stadium were Dodger fans.  I felt like I was at home.  Whenever the Dodgers scored, there was a lot of noise from the crowds.  The stadium itself was really nice and I liked the vibe.  The fans were considerate of each other from both teams. 

Afterwards they presented a fireworks show set to the Eighties music.  I haven't been to a fireworks show in over 10 years and will admit that this one was much more spectacular than the last one I saw.  It took me to another place.  Most of the fans (from both sides) stayed for this aftershow.  When we left we were in total bliss.

Like many people know, SoCal, is in a serious drought and needs rain badly.  Now they have cut our watering down to two times a week.  This is not good.  I grew up in Michigan and always had a green front yard.  Here I have grass and as much as I love it, we had to make a decision. 

Our department of water and power has a program in which they will replace your grass with drought resistant plants.  You all know how much I love my big succulent.  All you have to have is healthy grass and they will replace it for free.  We are so excited to be getting a new look, hopefully one that will inspire our neighbors to do the same.  There is one yard in our neighborhood who did the transition and it looks gorgeous.  They have barrow cacti in the center of the yard and draught resistant bushes around the perimeter.  We are thinking about doing something like.  If anything the bushes will deter the neighborhood dogs from using our lawn.  I think this is a great program and after all we live in the desert where most of the foliage here isn't native. 
We signed up for the program and had a rep come out to take pictures.  After a long wait, we finally got approved for the project.  Now is the waiting period.  We are very excited about our new front yard.

Here is more information regarding this program:

Recently, I was invited to participate in two blog tours.  The first author is Adrian J. Smith, who's book, "Making of a Memoir" is now out.  This story capsulated me from the start and kept me glued throughout.  When I wasn't reading I often found myself thinking about the main characters.  I'm not going to say anything more except that as I was reading I felt the good parts of a certain time of my youth being brought out.  Needless to say I have some very pleasant memories from then.  My review has been posted so check it out.  Prepared to be wowed.  Adrian is an artist with words.

The other tour I wrote for was for author Stacey O'Steen's, whose book, "Endless Days of Summer" debuted on 1-July-15.  What I liked about this book is that it was different from all of the other lesfic books that I have read.   It deals with a somewhat rarely talked about sexual subject.   By the end of the book I had a better perspective on it. Big-time kudos to Stacy for diving in.

Recently I interviewed author Jen Silver.  She is an amazing woman and has so much to tell.  In addition to being an avid golfer, she loves archeology and participated on a dig!  She shared some of her "dig" pictures on facebook.  All I can say is what an adventure of a lifetime.  Her latest work, "Starting Over" revolves around an archeological dig.  Don't forget to read "Arc Over Time" as it is a continuation of the story. 

As I read Jen's interview, I got to thinking about my favorite heroine, Lara Croft, from the Tombraider series.  I love Lara because she is brave, strong, yet is a lady.  Also she is an archeologist who travels to various places all over the world, in search of fighting justice.  I could just picture Lara being a site where something incredible is being uncovered.  Except that she would be doing all of the heavy work. 

It is also fun to imagine what life was like at these sites during their golden ages, even though I know that the games are fiction.  I've been to old ruins in England so I got a taste of an old site.  I am so impressed with the sophistication of these people's lifestyle.  It was amazing. 

I am looking forward to more literature by Jen Silver.  If any of you love archeology, please feel free to share on my fb page about your adventures.  Also feel free to start up a discussion about Jen's books.  I'd love to hear what you thought of them.

I have something serious that I'd like to talk about.  As an author, I understand and have seen first how much work goes into creating and publishing and promoting a book can be.  I was shocked to learn that many of my favorite authors work has been published to "free sites".  This is such an insult to the author and I'm going to discourage all of you from going to these sites.  Besides, I have been told that some of them are phishing sites.  This to me is not worth it.  Besides I love my authors and want to them to succeed.  They depend on fans like me to support them.  That is why I purchase my books and give reviews when I am finished.  This is telling the author more than just "Thanks."  It is saying that I really appreciate you.  So please, please, don't go to those so called "free sites" sites.  

Many times the authors publisher will have the books for sale on their website, so here is another place besides Amazon that you can purchase.  In the long run you're going to be doing yourself a favor by being honest now.
And speaking of reviews I find it disturbing to hear that some people have written bad reviews on purpose in order to lower another author's rank on Amazon.  This is so immature and does not help anyone.  If you love an author give them a review from the heart that says what you like about them. If we want lesfic and lgbt literature to gain more popularity, we need to stand sting together and support each other!    We're not going to gain respect of some people if we continue to pit us up against one another.   Let's show the world that we are awesome authors and have phenomenal work.  I want our work to flourish and for us to be respected as the artist that we are!  We are worthy, intelligent, and creative souls who have something really awesome to say.  When my book comes out, I will not only be promoting myself.  I am only part of the bigger picture, one that includes all of us.  This is why I enjoy working with other authors.

I read from one reader that jealousy is a wasted emotion and I agree.  Instead use that energy to generate something good for the all.  I believe that those who we are jealous of we also admire them.  With this said, go out and share their strengths instead of beating them up.  Their five star reviews are helping the genres grow and prosper for all of us. 

I want to end todays post with uplifting thoughts.  One of my author friends, Suzie Carr posted on Twitter, "We Bother.  Because we can."  I added my two cents to that and retweeted it.  What I said was, "And you are worth it."  I believe this as truth and want to thank Suzie for posting it.  Today go out into the world and make it a better place for you and for all.